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World War II


"They Probably Deserved a Medal"
Tribute to a Paratrooper
American Veterans Conference 
My Grandpa's Best Accomplishment 
"I Have Never Forgotten Their Names."
From War Opponents to Friends
"We Should Thank God That Such Men Lived."
Veterans Day 2016
Mail Call!
Robert | Tail Gunner on a B-17
Joe | Waist Gunner on a B-17
Eugene | In Hiding
Guy | Liberator of Dachau 


D-Day Ohio 2017
Ruhr Pocket Train Battle 2017
Trains and Troops 2016
Liberation of New Oxford 2016
D-Day Ohio 2016
Bridge at Remagen 2016
Ride Through History 2016
Ruhr Pocket Train Battle 2016
D-Day Ohio 2015
Graeme Park 2015
Eisenhower Farm 2013


Zachary | 325th Glider Infantry Regiment
Ethan | 32nd Infantry Division
Andrew | 18th Luftwaffe Field Division 
Michal | American, British, German, and Polish Impressions
Caimin | 505th PIR
Evan | A/1/7 and the 1st Marine Division 
Josh | 502nd PIR and 5th Rangers
Nick | 505th PIR
Jacob | 5th Ranger Battalion, Easy Company 


Voices From the Holocaust

"They Shall Grow Not Old, as We That are Left Grow Old."
July 13th, 1943
Happy Birthday, Sophie Scholl
Timeline of RESIST
RESIST Blog Tour
RESIST is Now Available 
February 18th, 1943
RESIST Book Trailer
"The White Rose Will Not Leave You in Peace!"
"Despite Everything, Their Spirit Lives On."

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