I Remember

Today I remember,
The survivors who were boys when the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising began.
Pinchas who was marched through the burning ghetto to deportation,
Andrew whose mother was killed in the sewers by a German grenade.
Today I remember,
The rough texture of the ghetto wall beneath my fingertips,
While thinking of the souls who touched those bricks before me,
As they longed for freedom. 
Today I remember,
Standing in the remains of Mila 18
Where the ghetto fighters breathed their last
And are buried where they fell.
Today I remember,
Bright yellow daffodils,
A symbol of the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising
That reminds us that life persists despite man's cruelty.

Today marks the 77th anniversary of the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising, the heroic struggle of an estimated 750 untrained Jewish fighters against the manpower and weaponry of the German army. In April 1943, German troops were in the final stages of liquidating the Warsaw Ghetto. Faced with death by deportation to Treblinka, young Jewish fighters took up arms against the Germans and fought courageously for over 28 days. As a way to commemorate the anniversary, I'm resharing some posts from my archive in case you missed them along the way.

Also, I'm posting on my Warsaw Ghetto History Instagram page after a long hiatus. 
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