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Berlin Pt. 1: German Resistance

During Warsaw Academy last summer I had the opportunity to spend three days in Berlin! I wrote a list of all the historical sites we saw and it added up to twenty, not including all the little spots we hit on our walking tour. I saw so much and now, several months later, I need to actually sit down and blog about it!

German Resistance Memorial Center

I honestly could have spent all day at the German Resistance Memorial Center at the Bendlerblock. This is where the July 20th plot to assassinate Hitler was planned and where some of the conspirators were executed, most notably Claus von Stauffenberg. It's now a museum and home to many original resistance documents belonging to groups and individuals such as the conspirators of the July 20th plot, The White Rose, Helmuth Hübener, and Dietrich Bonhoeffer. See why I could have stayed forever?! These are some of the groups I've been researching and reading about for years!