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Israel Pt. 2: Exploring Jerusalem

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After lectures one day, our group took a tour of the Old City of Jerusalem! 

The Western Wall ....   

We had a guided tour in the Western Wall tunnels ... the coolest!   

You know, just walking on 2,000+ year old streets ...   

The Western Wall and the Old City at night ...    

A few days later, some of us decided to catch a train and explore Jerusalem some more!  

We came back with some neat keepsakes.   

The day before my flight home we spent the day touring the City of David ...   

These are the ancient ruins of a typical Israelite dwelling.   

Olive trees everywhere!  

Inside an excavation tunnel under the City of David ...   

Can't get over these old streets!  

On Friday night we went to an Orthodox Synagogue service which was really interesting. After experiencing a Shabbat dinner, we were given our certificates for completing 50 hours of Holocaust Studies. Here I am with some of the instructors/guides. 

Until next time!   



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