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Resources to Combat Antisemitism

"Once I thought that antisemitism had ended; today it is clear to me that it will probably never end." - Elie Wisel

My heart is heavy and my prayers are with the Jewish community in Pittsburgh as they go through this incredibly difficult time. Antisemitism is not a thing of the past, as we witnessed on Saturday. It's real and it's dangerous. Education is an important tool to combat antisemitism so today I'm going to give you some resources to do just that. 

Echoes and Reflections equips educators to confidently teach about the Holocaust and contemporary antisemitism. While this is an excellent source for teachers, I think anybody can benefit from this amazing resource. They have video toolboxes with testimonies from Holocaust survivors and they offer detailed lesson plans. I recently attended one of their in-person seminars which they present throughout the country, so check out the dates to see if a seminar is coming near you. My favorite resource they offer are free webinars. They cover a variety of Holocaust related topics, contemporary antisemitism, and connect history to the refugee crisis today. 

Israel Pt. 2: Exploring Jerusalem

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After lectures one day, our group took a tour of the Old City of Jerusalem!