Memorial Miles

There are some seasons in life when everything seems to happen at once, hence my unintended blogging hiatus! I've been trying to squeeze running in because it's just a great way to escape from the never ending to-do list going through my brain, get some exercise, and listen to great podcasts! Those are reasons enough to go for a run, but then a thing called Charity Miles came across my radar and now I have more motivation! The Charity Miles app tracks your distance and for every mile you run/walk, a corporate sponsor will give $0.25 to the charity of your choice.

I've been running for the Wounded Warrior Project, and I'd love for you to join me! Through the Charity Miles app you can join my team called "memorialmiles" and choose the Wounded Warrior Project for your next run. We can see, as a team, how many miles we earn this month!

While the group is for supporting wounded warriors, I also included in the description that it's to honor our fallen heroes as well. Memorial Day is coming up and it's a good time to think about not only the sacrifices of our wounded warriors and veterans, but those who made the ultimate sacrifice. 

When I run past an American flag I often remember "Wild Bill" Guarnere's quote: 

"When I think about the war, I don't think about the battle. I think about the men. I look at an American flag today and I see the faces of men I fought with, the ones who lived and the ones who died." 

Lately I've been thinking about Warren "Skip" Muck (101st Airborne) and Jason Dunham (USMC) who were both around my age when they made the ultimate sacrifice for our country.

Want to join the team? Download the Charity Miles App and select the Team tab (second to the right on the bottom of the screen). In the search bar enter "memorialmiles" and click "join."


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