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Operation Gratitude Collection Drive

Long time no post! Honestly, how does time go by so quickly? Anyway, here I am with a post about the Operation Gratitude collection drive I helped organize at the Eldred World War II Museum last weekend. Operation Gratitude is a 501c3 nonprofit organization that sends care packages and letters of appreciation to U.S. troops, first responders, veterans, military families, and wounded heroes. Their mission is to thank every American who serves. I'm going to share a bit about the collection drive and encourage you to host one in your community. You don't have to wait for a special holiday like Veterans Day to host an event. You can say thank you anytime of the year! 

Operation Gratitude has wishlist items listed on their website which is a good place to start. They also have certain care kits you can assemble such as The Patrol Care Kit, The Elements Care Kit, and Hygiene Care KitI chose the Elements Care Kit to keep the list of items needed more manageable for people donating, but everyone was very generous and donated enough items for various care kits!

We also made paracord “survival” bracelets. Paracord (parachute cord originally used during WWII) can hold up to 550 lbs of weight and gives the person wearing it 7.5 feet of cord to use in an emergency. Operation Gratitude includes a bracelet in each care package. Some of the ways paracord bracelets can be used are for building makeshift shelters, creating a harness to extract an injured person from a bad location, securing camouflage nets to trees or vehicles, extending a security strap or rope to reach and haul heavy objects, and to make a sling or splint. 

It gets more amazing. When you take out the nylon cords from inside a paracord the fine strings can be used as a trip line to secure an area, a sewing thread to repair gear, or emergency sutures to close a wound. But then it gets even MORE amazing. Paracord was even used to repair the Hubble Telescope in space! 

But most importantly, as Operation Gratitude states on their website, a paracord bracelet lets our heroic service men and women know we care, we remember and we appreciate them.

We also wrote letters of appreciation to our troops. A handwritten letter is great way to say thank you to our heroes! 

Ready to host your own collection drive? Check out Operation Gratitude to get all the details. One of their amazing volunteers will help you through the process!

Thank you to all our veterans and those who serve!


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