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Ruhr Pocket Train Battle 2017

I've been all over the place this week—working on an upcoming book talk, writing biographies for Pictures for Heroes, passing out resistance leaflets, and being accused of having vodka in my basket by a German officer. What else is new? Anyway, here are some pictures from last weekend's WWII reenactment which will give some context to the whole vodka thing. 

The Germans had control of the train for the first part of the trip, and our group stirred up some trouble! I made copies of The White Rose leaflets and recruited other reenactors to help pass them out. Although I evaded arrest, I heard that a few spectators were found with leaflets on them and didn't fare as well. 

The German officer started reading The White Rose leaflet out loud, then proceeded to handcuff the poor spectator and his wife! 

My sister portrayed a member of the BDM, the League of German Girls. *cough* TRAITOR*cough*

The leaders of our group. They're so awesome!

The White Rose resistance lives on.

-Emily (AKA. Sophie)


  1. Your reenactment looks cool! Love the costumes and hair-dos. What person living during WWII, would have believed that one day a whole lot of people would be re-living their lives and work!

    Great Post!

  2. *squeals* That is so awesome! I always LOVE seeing your reenacting pictures. That must have been so exciting.


  3. It looks as if you had a wonderful time! I wish I lived closer so I could re-enact with you.