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They Have a Story | April Edition

It's time for the April edition of They Have a Story!

What is They Have a Story? It's a monthly historical fiction link up hosted by yours truly. Once a month I'll post a historical picture. Your job (and mine ... I'm totally doing this!) is to write a short story inspired by it. It can be as short or as long as you like. Have fun with it! Post the monthly picture, your story, and blog button on your blog, then link up. Let’s see how many different stories we can get from the same picture! 

I'm open to picture ideas for future months so if you come across one you like, send it my way! (Especially if you don't want WWII pictures every month. Ha ha ha … just kidding. Sort of.)


Happy writing!



  1. I want to try and start joining in this. I've been meaning for for...a year at least. Such is my life.

    Also HI I'VE MISSED YOU! I am ashamed of myself for going AWOL so long, but now I am back