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Sweet Remembrance is Now Available!

Everyone loves when a cover reveal is painfully drawn out, right?

When the author just goes on and on about NOTHING when you're waiting to see the cover ...

 and shares crazy nieces/sister selfies like this instead:

And you're all like: "Seriously, Emily. Just show us the cover!"

And I'm like: "Nah. Let's talk about Band of Brothers instead." (ALL DEM FEELZ, MAN.)

Psssh I'm too tired to think of ways to drag this out any longer.

Soooooo ...

... here it is.

Voila! The cover for Sweet Remembrance: The Little Match Girl Retelling

In the despair of the Warsaw Ghetto, a young Jewish woman fights the Nazis with the only thing she has left—her memories.

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"Poignant and realistic. That is what describes the story of the girl with matches in Sweet Remembrance. As an amateur historian, lover of WWII history, and historical reenactor, I especially enjoyed this story. It is a story of a war-torn country, and of families under Nazi occupation. The author doesn't mask the sadness or the realness—and it reads like many of the true stories I've been told of the hard life during the war. Stories where agony and separation called forth little unexpected deeds of kindness, nobleness and generosity. Where beauty abounded in the midst of ashes and devastation." — Annie

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  1. Congratulations! What a very neat cover! Looking forward to reading it!

  2. OH I LOVE IT! :-) I'm sure it's going to make me cry.. also Band of Brothers.. ohmywordy! The score is amazing! !! Would you like to do another interview on my blog Emily? I've moved blogs too so there is a link to my new one on my profile. So excited to read this, have a fab day!

    1. Thanks Evie!! Yes, the music from Band of Brothers is the best ever!

      I'd love to do another interview! You can send the questions to my email: authoremilyannputzke@gmail.com. Thanks! =)

  3. Oh my word, your cover is so amazing! I can't wait to read all of your books!! :D

    Abi | theleft-handedtypist.blogspot.com

  4. I have not read The Little Match Girl, but this book looks so good! The cover is so beautiful!