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Mail Call!

I'm putting together an article about two of my WWII veteran friends for the newspaper and the WWII museum where I volunteer. Joe Leo (see his interview HERE) was a waist gunner on a B-17. His friend, Dieter, was a flak helper in the Luftwaffe. It was so cool to see former enemies sitting side-by-side as they shared their stories! I called Dieter last week to see if he had any photos of himself during the war that we could use in the article. Well, look what came in the mail this week! These are original photographs! I love getting mail, especially from WWII vets. =)

My sister and I with Joe and Dieter. I'll be sharing the article about these two soldiers very soon! 



  1. This is so cool Emily! I'm looking forward to reading the article next week. I love your profile picture! The red dress is gorgeous!