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Favorite WWII Books of 2016

Rena was on the first Jewish transport to Auschwitz and endured the death camp for over three years. She fulfilled the promise she made to her mother years before—to take care of her little sister. Beautiful and extremely heart wrenching. Five stars.

By Gerda Weissmann Klein

Gerda was just a teenager when the Germans invaded Poland and everyone and everything she loved was taken from her. She survived labor camps and a death march in the winter of 1945. She was liberated by American troops and married Kurt Klein, one of the American soldiers who liberated her. Five stars. 

 Brothers in Battle, Best of Friends
By William "Wild Bill" Guarnere and Edward "Babe" Heffron

I recently wrote a review for this book HERE. It's told back and forth between two paratroopers who fought with Company E, 506th PIR, 101st Airborne. I've seen other reviews that said, "It was like sitting in the living room and listening to your grandpa tell stories." I have to agree with them. I learned so much, laughed at the veterans banter, and was brought to tears by what they went through. Four stars.

By Isabella Leitner

This was a library book, but I kept it long after I finished just so I could re-read parts. The writing is both beautiful and tragic. "Potyo was just thirteen; she was my sister. She had the wisdom of a child of war. She was full of fear, yet tiptoed with tenderness, laughter, and love in a world of madmen. She was a weeping willow, a song of sorrow, a poem of infinite beauty. 'Why does Hitler hate me? Why does he love hate, Mama? I am only thirteen; I have songs yet to learn, games yet to play. Give me time to live, give me time to die. Mama, how can I do all the living in just an inch of time?'"  Four Stars. 

By Ruta Sepetys

This book introduced me to the little known history of Lithuanians under Stalin's rule. I'm super excited that it's being made into a movie! Four stars. 

What were your favorite reads of 2016?


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