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Trains and Troops 2016

I've been wanting to start a White Rose reenacting group since earlier this summer because, as far as I know, no one else portrays Hans and Sophie Scholl at reenactments. I want to honor those brave students and educate the public that not all Germans were Nazis during WWII. Also, it's nice to have another impression to portray at events that my French resistance group doesn't attend. 

So last weekend I set up a White Rose display at Trains and Troops in Strasburg, PA. It was definitely just a start. I'm still building my display and my impression of Sophie Scholl. I also need to recruit a Hans, Alex, Willi and Christoph. My sister portrayed Traute Lafrenz and I have two friends who both want to be Gisela for the next event. I'm really hoping we can build a group and do some reenactments next summer where we pass out leaflets and get interrogated by German reenactors. =)

Sophie and Traute ...

Talking about The White Rose with our display neighbor ... 

He had a super cool display all about messenger pigeons during WWII!

Everyone had really neat displays!

There was a trailer that had been transformed into a 1940s house ...

As you can see, I just can't get enough of WWII reenacting. =)



  1. Em! You are so cute! Seriously. Cutest Sophie Scholl ever!

    Also, Gisela... I volunteer as tribute. Always and again. ;)

    1. Awww thanks, Bess! You and Jenna are gonna have to fight for Gisela. =) I got Haley to back out of the fight ... she's good with Traute. haha