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Introducing ....

So, you know how I've been hinting about my novella, Sweet Remembrance? Well, today I get to share some crazy exciting news ...

Once: Six Historically Inspired Fairytales

Six fairytales you thought you knew, set against a tapestry of historical backgrounds.

A lonely girl plots revenge in the shadow of a mountain. A stolen princess fumbles a century backward. A dwarfish man crafts brilliant automatons. A Polish Jew strikes matches against the Nazis. A dead girl haunts a crystal lake. A terrified princess searches a labyrinth. A rich collection of six historically inspired retellings, Once is a new generation of fairytales for those who thought they'd heard the tales in all their forms.

Featuring the novellas of Elisabeth Grace Foley, Rachel Heffington, J Grace Pennington, Emily Ann Putzke, Suzannah Rowntree, and Hayden Wand.

Coming December 2nd, 2016


(You're scratching your heads right now wondering which story is mine, right? Yeah, actually I'm pretty sure you nailed mine right away.)

I was so excited when Suzannah Rowntree and Elisabeth Grace Foley asked if I'd consider writing a retelling for their fairy tale boxset. Little old me alongside authors like Rowntree and Foley, Rachel Heffington, J. Grace Pennington, and Hayden Wand?!! I'm honored to be a part of this exciting adventure!

My story, Sweet Remembrance, is a WWII retelling of The Little Match Girl set in the Warsaw ghetto. So, yes, it's sad by nature. But there's young love, courage, resistance, hope, and music weaved throughout the tale creating a wistful longing for what was and what could have been. It's been said to leave readers in tears. 

Check out the storyboard of Sweet Remembrance to get a feel for the retelling:

Eager to find out about the other retellings in the collection? Grab a cup of joe and do some blog hopping!

Mountain of the Wolf by Elisabeth Grace Foley
She But Sleepth by Rachel Heffington
Rumpled by J. Grace Pennington
Death Be Not Proud by Suzannah Rowntree
With Blossoms Gold by Hayden Wand

We are currently looking for advance readers. If you're interested in receiving a free copy of Once: Six Historically Inspired Fairytales in exchange for a review on Amazon and Goodreads, please email us at: cinderella19395@gmail.com

Hayden Wand created these beautiful promotional banners to be shared on social media! Please spread the word about our boxset using the hashtag #OnceFairyTales and adding Once: Six Historically Inspired Fairytales to your Goodreads shelf.

We're so excited to share this collection with you SO SOON!





  2. AUGH! Oh, I am so, so excited to read thissss!!! Your story sounds amazing! I love historical, and historical fairy-tale retellings are even better! :D

  3. I CANNOT WAIT!!!! Excuse me while I start counting down the days until December 2nd.

  4. Yay! This is awesome, Emily! I'm very intrigued by these stories, but especially yours. Even if it is sad, the description alone is enough to know I have to read it -- "A Polish Jew strikes matches against the Nazis" -- that has me excited :)
    Can't wait!

  5. This is exciting!I'm looking forward to reading your story. :)

  6. Congratulations--I can't wait to read it!!!