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Giveaway + Hint on New Project

Now that life has (sorta but not really) calmed down for Emily Chapman and I, we've been back to our long emails full of exciting ideas, dreams, and a good dose of teasing. ;) It's good to be back brewing up adventures with my partner in crime. First things firsts, we want to welcome in the glorious season of Autumn by giving away one eBook copy of Ain't We Got Fun! The giveway is open until Friday at midnight, so be sure to enter and share with your friends!

 The hint? 

Emily and I are collaborating on an exciting Christmas project, so keep an eye out this December! No, it's not a sequel, but we're pretty sure you're going to love it all the same. =)

Drink some coffee today. Gi's orders.



  1. I want to know more about the Christmas project!!! :-) (I already own the e-book, which is excellent. :-))

    1. We'll be sharing more details about our Christmas project before you know it! Thanks for reading, Naomi! =)

  2. Eek! I am so excited for this project!! :)

  3. Not sure where I first heard it...maybe Goodreads? I've wanted to read it for awhile. Sounds very sweet!