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D-Day Ohio 2016

I started WWII reenacting last year at D-Day Ohio 2015, and since then I've racked up quite a few events, and the reenacting season isn't even over yet! From a local USO show and Gi Jive to the Ruhr Pocket Train Battle, Ride Through HistoryBridge at Remagen and D-Day 2016, I'm not sure how I'm supposed to return to normal life. Now I must go back to the cruel, cold world where people think flying in a 70 year old B-17 and fighting Nazis is a slightly insane pastime. I honestly don't know why they think that's weird. =)

I enjoyed portraying a French civilian last year, but I had even more fun being a French resistance fighter this year. I love the comradery of the Maquis. They make a person feel right at home ... really, they do. Don't let the guns and knives holding down resistance leaflets scare you. =)

This sweet lady lived in France during WWII and told the Maquis about life during the occupation. Here she is reading the French resistance leaflets Dane printed.

The French farmhouse ...

I finally got to meet my blogging friend,  Jenna!!! 

Mail call! Haley got some great birthday mail from our older siblings and Jenna. =)

Time to whip some Krauts. 

I was dead behind that crate ... 

Germans lingering outside the French farmhouse ... 

Airborne battle ...

Hugs and tomatoes for our liberators! (Because we obviously had to save the cookies for the Maquisards.)

You don't mess with the Maquis and live to tell about it ... 

When I see this picture, I think of the quote from "Emperor's New Groove." "Tell us which way the talking llama went and we'll burn your house to the ground." 

Some of the other encampments ... 

Despite the intense heat, I got chills watching the boys storm the beaches, especially when I realized there was a WWII vet among them! After recently re-watching Saving Private Ryan and meeting WWII veterans who were actually there ... emotion overload. 

What a weekend. 

Vive la Resistance!



  1. Wow! That looks like an amazing weekend! How incredible that all those reenactors came together like that.
    I hope one year I can go and see it in person, but in the meantime, these pictures are definitely the next best thing! (I especially like the fourth one down, it looks like one of those vintage Kodachrome pictures).
    Awesome post! :)

    1. Thanks, Mary!! It's an amazing experience!

  2. This is awesome!! And I'm happy to see that you're not dead after all ;-) Congratulations on being part of something so cool!

    1. Yes, I'm alive!! Thanks for reading, Jessica!

  3. Woah. That is incredible! I would love to experience something like that one day. Huge congrats to you all for participating in such an amazing program!