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Civil War Weekend

Over the weekend I took a break from World War II EVERYTHING and stepped back to the good ol' 1860s. It was small event but we're all hoping it'll continue to grow. We're also hoping our boys in blue won't be quite so outnumbered next year!

We sang Union Dixie really loudly while wading. Some people on kayaks applauded us as they passed. =)

The lovely Michaela of The Farming Daughter.

Since it was a small event, I was able to sneak into the Confederate camp and snap some pictures. Aren't I brave?!

This guy was playing the harmonica .... 

 The Union camp ...

Our group, the 42nd PA Bucktails!

Don't mess with Haley ... =)

Our new Confederate friend let us shoot her Remington revolver!



  1. Ohhhhh!! Now I wish I lived near re-enactment's!!

    1. Reenactments are such a great way to learn history! You should start your own reenacting group! =)

  2. I'm coming to NY soon, so that I can finally do a reenactment with you. Preferably a WWII one (no offense to the rebels and Yankees). :)

    Also Haley is fierce. I love it, and I miss her! And you. Definitely you.

    1. YES COME!!!!

      I know, isn't she?! Give that girl a gun and look what happens.

      MISS YOU, BESS!!! <3

  3. This looks like such fun! I love attending reenactment events and fairs and dressing up for the occasion, but I've never officially been part of one so to speak. Between the dresses and revolvers and cannons, it seems so exciting.