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Bridge at Remagen Reenactment

On Saturday, my sister and I portrayed German refugees at the Bridge at Remagen reenactment in Tidioute, PA. When we got there, the other refugees were already at the meeting point but a kind American gave the two of us a ride to catch up with them. It was so fun! =) 

 The following three pictures were shamelessly stolen from Facebook.

It was hurry up and wait. But we got to meet some very nice reenactors. Reenactors are nice people if you haven't noticed.

Refugees fleeing across the Ludendorff Bridge.

I joined the crowd in clapping with lots of gusto as the American flag waved through the air. My sister leaned over to me: "We're Germans. We aren't supposed to be happy about the American flag." Me: "But I am so happy!" Sometimes I forget whose side I'm on.


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