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Ride Through History

Over the weekend, my family and I went to the Ride Through History event in Alliance, Ohio. We had a really great time! There were reenactors portraying soldiers and civilians from the Revolutionary War all the way through to the Vietnam War. My sister and I went with our French resistance group and it was my first time in combat. I really wasn't nervous about being a German civilian with a purse chocked full of resistance leaflets the day before. But a French resistance fighter? I'm going to be really honest here ... that scared the heck out of me even, though I really wanted to try it. I was so nervous that I couldn't eat all day ... yeah, I haven't been that nervous about anything in a long time! 

I went into the reenactment feeling like I should know everything because everyone else knows what they're doing! But I'm learning to give myself some grace because that was the first time I ever stepped onto a battlefield while German machine guns were firing at me. =)

Thankfully, everyone was super nice and supportive, but I tend to have this interior dialogue going through my head (maybe a writer problem?) that made me overact and think: "I really don't know what I'm doing. I'm going to ruin the battle for everyone! They probably don't want me out on the battlefield because I HAVE NO CLUE WHAT I'M DOING." But after talking with some of my fellow reenactors, I realized that no one really knows what they're doing the first time they're in combat. It's just chaos and gun malfunctions and thinking you're in the wrong place at the wrong time, and guys showing you how to do gun stuff at a million miles per hour. 

There were three battles, so by the third one I was feeling pretty good about the whole thing and having a lot of fun!

We had briefings with the American and Germans before the battle that basically ended like this: "French resistance, you're gonna run across that road over there right into German machine gun fire and you all die." Ok ... great. 

The first time I died, I had the gun strap wrapped around my arm in military style. A German came over and yanked the gun away from me. It was too late to tell him my arm was attached to it. Then I was lying there and all of a sudden someone checked my pulse. Yeah, I kinda freaked out! I opened my eyes and could see it was a medic, so I went back to being dead. Also, some guy was flying a drone over us and it sounded like a swarm of flies around all the dead bodies. It was an eventful first death.

 The Maquis camp looked so authentic. Maquis mean bush/shrub in French, so having the camp in the middle of a very wooded area really set the scene!

 The Maquis looking so very serious.

 What is a smile?

Aww yeah airborne!!

Some video footage of the battle via 5th Rangers F-CO/325th GIR.

 While I was fighting, Haley got to see all of the displays and battles.

It was so much fun and I definitely learned a lot! 



  1. Ok, I don't know if my first comment came through or not. If it did you can just delete this one.
    First off, I love your pictures! AND your reenactment group!!!! Yes, I would be intimidated to play a French resistance fighter who gets killed in battle as well! Was it hot, especially having to run in full costume? Would love to go to this next year! Do you plan on going to anymore reenactments this year?
    Sorry for all the questions, jut have one more...
    Did the medics carry you off the field?
    Enjoyed this post and the video!

    1. Thanks, Morgan! It was a bit intimidating at first, but I had a lot of fun! And yeah, it got pretty hot! I am planning on attending more WWII events this year. =)

      No, the medics didn't carry me off the field ... that really would have freaked me out considering I forgot all about medics during that battle! lol!