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1. Because this summer seems to be on fast forward, I really haven't been writing as much as I'd like. I have many drafts of a WWII novel started, but I haven't picked any of them up in a few months. Instead, I'm finding short stories are a bit easier to handle this summer. Speaking of which, I have a sad WWII short story I'll be sharing tomorrow. Someday I'll write something other than sad WWII stories, but today is not the day.

2. Reenacting wise, I'm getting ready for two WWII reenactments that happen to be on the same weekend. I get to portray a German civilian one day and French resistance fighter the next. It'll be my first time fighting in a battle which makes me feel "excited ... well ... excited and scared." There will be pictures so stay tuned!

3. I have endless ideas for my WWII blog, Generation Remembrance, just not enough time to do it all! I did start a new WWII reenacting series. To start it off, I'm sharing an interview with 19 year old Zachary Pinkstaff, a Florida native who has been reenacting both the Civil War and WWII for 11 years. Check it out HERE.

4. If you love baby pictures, check out my photography FB page, website (which I really should update sometime soon) and personal instagram account

5. I don't know. I think I need more coffee.



  1. Reenacting sounds so exciting! I can't wait for the pictures. xD And you can never have too much coffee.

    1. I'm super excited! And you're so right ... you can never have too much coffee. =)

  2. Did I spot an "Into the Woods" reference??