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"Hey Bill, You Son of a Gun."

Sometimes I get distracted. Like today when I was looking at an antique store for reenacting items. Yes, I did find some 1940's style shoes, but I also came out with an original recording of a WWII soldier who lived in my neighborhood! During WWII companies like Gem Blades and Pepsi Cola set up recording studios in big cities, giving soldiers the opportunity to send recordings of themselves home for free! See why I just had to buy it?! The records I purchased were recorded in NYC on October 1st, 1944. The first record is for the soldier's brother. I'm guessing the second one is for his parents but I can't make out what he's saying. I'd like to look into getting them restored.

Excerpts from the recording:

"Hey Bill, you son of a gun."

"Listen, when are you coming to New York, or am I gonna have to go down to Washington or what? Make up your mind, will ya?"

"When I get down there, I want a date. She's gotta be about seventeen or eighteen."

"I lost my high school ring last night."

"How 'bout a letter home? You know mom and dad like letters. Write one to Gram and Jim too."

"And if I do come to Washington, don't forget that date."

"Well, I gotta sign off now 'cause my time's about up. So long."

It's hard to hear him in this video, but toward the end it's a bit clearer. He has such a thick NYC accent! 



  1. This is so neat!!!! I went to an antique shop in my town with some friends and there was a whole WW2 section....was literally jumping up and down, hopefully the lady who worked there thought I wasn't crazy. Loved this, Emily!