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Civil War Weekend

My first reenactment of the year took place last weekend and was located in the beautiful mountains of NY. Although an impending thunder storm chased away some reenactors on Saturday night (my sister and I included), it was a great weekend with some great people! The battle was one of my favorites because the reenactors were so close to the spectators, giving me many opportunities to get close-ups. Also, the location looked so authentic ... the woods filled with gun smoke, the hazy mountains in the background, and soldiers running through fields ... not a car in sight! (Those aren't fun to edit around.) 

I know in my bones, I've been here before
The ground feels the same though the land's been torn
I've a long way to go the stars tell me so
On this road that will take me home
Going Home sung by Mary Fahl

I literally got roped into winding yarn!

Michaela making delicious shrub! 

We also helped out with a school day teaching the kids about toys and games of the 19th century. Michaela is wonderful at teaching!

Catching up on 150 years worth of news ... 

We Union ladies (and gentleman) were surrounded by Confederates on every side! Our boys in the blue weren't around to protect us. =)

We made friends with this sweet girl while her parents set up their tent. 

Warming up my steel-cut oats. That's about as adventurous as I get when cooking over a fire. =)

 The boys played baseball for hours on end! I don't know how they did it in that heat!

 The lovely Allison of Clare Jane Seamstress ... 

 Spectator sitting next to me at the Civil War dance: "I can't find my husband."
Me: "Oh, is he a Civil War reenactor?" 
Spectator, staring at me blankly: "I keep hearing that term but I don't know what it means." 
Me: ".....oh." (Maybe because you're at a Civil War reenactment?!)

 I drink the coffee, Michaela washes dishes. I know, I'm such a bum. 

Our camp buddy, Kayleigh.

 We had lots of fun playing 19th century games! I got a little too competitive with monkey in the middle ... =) Photo credit: Michaela

And then there's Mason, the trouble maker.  (Not really, he's the sweetest.)

I'm so excited to do more reenactments this summer/fall!



  1. Wow!! That all looks amazing and you girls are lovely. I wonder, did the guys have fun playing dead?

  2. Ooh, this looks like so much fun! :)

  3. These pictures are beautiful! I especially love the battle pictures. The color photos have such a lovely tinge to them!
    You're making me what to go to a reenactment more a more... this is not good. XD
    Jeneca @ Jeniqua Writes