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Ain't We Got Fun's First Birthday

 "Bess and Gi were delightful; their natural, easy banter with each other leads you to think that Chapman and Putzke really are sisters!" — Mary

One year ago today Emily Chapman I published AIN'T WE GOT FUN, a novella set during the Great Depression about two completely different sisters, Bess and Gi Rowland. Emily Chapman's character (Bess) is the responsible younger sister who writes about life on the family farm in Kansas and a certain neighbor boy named Tom. My character, Gi, takes off for NYC to make a living, drinks too much coffee, and tries to avoid a certain young journalist. (Anne and Gilbert moment. You're perfect for each other, Gi!!) 

To celebrate our book birthday, the ebook is on sale for $0.99 until June 1st! Go grab a copy! 

Every morning, every evening
Ain't we got fun?
Not much money, oh, but honey
Ain't we got fun?


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  1. I love sister relationships in stories! These two sound like so much fun :-)