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RESIST Blog Tour | Day 6

Interview - The Girl from 1942

My favorite historical era is the 1940s. This seems strange to say considering WWII took up half of the decade. What I love is that the world really came together to defeat evil. I admire the patriotism that was deeply felt in America during those years. It’s something we no longer have as a country. Resistance during WWII is my favorite topic to study because of the courage and honor the groups had, even though they were small in number against a huge foe. They weren’t going to go down without a fight. Real life heroes are my favorite. - READ MORE HERE

Bringing RESIST to Audio - Sharing the Journey

Back in December, I listed my novel on ACX.com, an Amazon platform that connects authors with narrators. From there you can either ask a narrator to audition, or wait until they come to you. I sought out a narrators who would best fit my book by narrowing down the search: accent, age, tone of voice, etc. -READ MORE HERE

Interview - Lakeside Publications
If you believe God has given you the gift of words, then you need to use that gift. Don’t hide it. Don’t give up.  -READ MORE HERE

Interview - Patron Saint of Books

I’m more reserved and introverted, like Sophie. I’m also similar to Hans, though. I can be a bit impulsive and jump into projects with lots of gusto like him. I can relate to both of them in different ways. - READ MORE HERE

Historical Guest Post - A Writer's Endless Journey

Travel - Since I couldn’t travel to Germany and do on-site research, I watched YouTube to take virtual research trips around Munich. I’m thankful for people who record their travels! I also looked up pictures of historical sites in Resist such as The Palace of Justice to know how to describe it in my book.

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  1. Emily, have you listened to this song? It almost made me cry the first time I heard it. It's got a lot to do with your book! All about Sophie Scholl and her friends :)