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RESIST Blog Tour | Day 4

Today I'm guest posting on Misty Corners about how reenacting has helped me write historical fiction.

 In other news, my nephews have different opinions of Resist. One thinks it's interesting, the other think their should be pictures on every page. Well, I can't please everyone!

Also, hop on over to Curious Wren and read her review of Resist!

The story of Hans and Sophie Scholl demands attention because they were real. They were just two ordinary young people who loved and laughed and studied and wolfed down food at scandalous hours and managed on far too little sleep and got depressed and made mistakes and liked cake. But they were willing to put their lives on the line for what they believed was right, and they persevered even when they were terrified.

They were true heroes and I couldn’t be more thankful that history has remembered them.

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