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RESIST Blog Tour | Day 2

It's day two of the Resist blog tour! Today I'm sharing 5 Tips for Writing on the Go on Curious Wren. As a writer who travels a lot (as a matter of fact, I'm visiting my older sister and her fam right now) I've learned how to get work done on the go. 

Also, there are some new advance reviews rolling in, one of which by a favorite historical author of mine, Kathryn Atwood! I was so excited to read her review!

A non-fiction writer can bring you quite close to a historical time period. But a good historical fiction writer can bring you all the way into the room. Emily Ann Putzke has done that with Resist. While reading Putzke’s vivid , accurate descriptions, I became closer to the Scholl’s story than I ever thought possible and found myself rooting all over again for these idealistic young Germans who thought they could topple the Nazi regime with their words.

I don’t normally read much historical fiction but because Putzke is an excellent writer and has also done her homework, one never gets the sense that she is trying to draw attention to her own writing, excellent though it is. Instead, she keeps all the attention on the Scholls and their friends.

I definitely recommend this marvelous book!

Purchase your copy of Resist:

My publicity team (AKA my fine collection of nieces and nephews) are helping me out this week.

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  1. Hi Emily! I'm new to your blog, but I was just wondering if it's too late to join the blog tour (since it's already underway.) I really enjoyed your book It Took a War, and would love to help promote Resist(which sounds amazing, by the way) in any way I can. If it's too late to join, just let me know if there's any other ways I can help! Thanks in advance!! :):)

    1. Hi Jonathan! No, it's not too late at all! Just send me an email at authoremilyannputzke@gmail.com. Thanks!

  2. Okay, so I just bought the book on Amazon (SO glad we have two-day shipping with Prime; I can't wait much longer), but I'm a little confused about the Amazon receipt. Would that be the same thing as the invoice?

    1. Yay! Thanks! Yeah, I need the Amazon order confirmation ... you could either forward me the email you received from Amazon or just send me the order number.