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RESIST Book Trailer

Resist will be available for purchase (ebook, paperback, and audio) in less than one month! In the meantime you can add it to your Goodreads shelf or pre-order the ebook. =)


The White Rose will not leave you in peace!

When I was researching for my novel, Resist, I noticed something similar in all the books I was reading—The White Rose leaflets were always in the back of the book. I'm sure there are people who read them, but I imagine there are many readers who don't. So when I began writing Resist, I didn't want to just stick those amazing intellectual works in the back. I wanted them to be a part of the story because Hans, Sophie, Alex, Christl, Willi, Professor Huber ... they all died for these leaflets. They shouldn't be hidden in the back of a book.

These students were so different than us twenty-somethings now. They were deep thinkers, discussed philosophy late into the night, listened to classical music, recited poetry. Their intellect shines in these leaflets. I'll admit that the first time I read them, I was completely overwhelmed. But as I read and re-read them, I see the beauty of their literary minds and the thought provoking points that can be applied to our world right now.

So when you're reading Resist, please take a moment to soak in their words. The White Rose resistance group believed in their cause so much that they were willing to risk their lives to write and distribute these leaflets. We should take a minute to read them.

Books of 2015

Happy New Year, friends! As always around this time of year, book lovers of the world share their reading lists. I read 35 books this year (one I just finished today but it still counts) and I hope to read even more this year. =)


All Quiet on the Western Front | Erich Maria Remarque
The Wall | John Hersey
The Butterfly and the Violin | Kristy Cambron 

A Sparrow in Terezin | Kristy Cambron 

To Kill a Mockingbird | Harper Lee
The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society | Mary Ann Shaffer
Anon, Sir, Anon | Rachel Heffington 
Corral Nocturne | Elisabeth Grace Foley 
How a Stars Falls | Amber Stokes 
Forget Me Not | Amber Stokes
While You're Awake | Amber Stokes
After the War | Carol Matas 
Purple Moon | Tessa Emily Hall
Soldier Boys | Dean Hughes 
The Boy in the Striped Pajamas | John Boyne
Brothers-in-Arms | Jack Lewis Baillot
The Penderwicks | Jeanne Birdsall

The Revised Life of Ellie Sweet | Stephanie Morrill 

The Unlikely Debut of Ellie Sweet | Stephanie Morrill 

Violins of Autumn |  Amy McAuley

Under a War-Torn Sky | L.M. Elliott 

For Such a Time | Kate Breslin


Hiroshima | John Hersey

33 Days to Morning Glory |  Michael Gaitley 

A Noble Treason | Richard Hanser
The Short Life of Sophie Scholl | Hermann Vinke 
Women Heroes of WWII | Kathryn Atwood
Child at War | Mark Bles
Resistance Figher |  Elisabeth Sevier
Start: Punch Fear in the Face, Escape Average and Do Work that Matters | Jon Acuff

The Journal of Hélène Berr | Hélène Berr

Warsaw Ghetto Uprising |  Karen Zeinert

Flying Against the Wind: The Story of a Young Girl Who Defied the Nazis |  Ina R. Friedman

What were some of your favorite reads of 2015?