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"The Mighty Wehrmacht Marches on Cookies?"

Because I'm a WWII nerd and because it's almost Christmas, I've been researching what a 1940s Christmas would be like both on the home front and overseas. A few days ago I found the true story of a Christmas during the Battle of the Bulge that was turned into a film. This has to be one of my favorite WWII films yet!

There is some violence and very mild swearing. The film is made by Hallmark, and it's definitely family friendly. My 12 year old sister watched it and really liked it. 

The story opens in present day (well, 2002) Germany where a young man is meeting with the friend of his late grandfather. The older man, Fritz, takes the young man to a cabin in the woods and tells him the story of a very unusual Christmas in which the young man's grandfather was involved.

Elizabeth Vincken is a German women who has lost her oldest son at Stalingrad, and her husband is a baker in the Wehrmacht. She takes her young son, Fritz, to seek refuge in a cabin near the Ardennes forests. She no longer believes in the cause her son died for and is trying to keep her youngest son away from the Hitler Youth.

The cabin is invaded by three American soldiers, one of which is severely wounded. The Americans don't trust Elisabeth when she offers to help, and Sergeant Blank puts Private Jimmy Rassi on guard to watch their every move. When the injured soldier gets progressively worse, Jimmy is called in to help. Meanwhile, the Americans' weapons suddenly disappear. 

Jimmy goes outside to confront Fritz, starting off nice and friendly, then getting a bit agitated when Fritz won't answer him. 

"Hey, what's up buddy? Gettin' more firewood are ya? Good man. Where are the guns?"

That's when things get even more interesting. Some German soldiers show up, not knowing that the Americans are unarmed. Jimmy and Sergeant Blank lead the Germans to believe they are armed, and Elizabeth begs the Germans to put down their weapons. The Germans, assuming they're surrounded, drop their weapons. The Sergeant Blank takes the German weapons, leading his prisoners to the cabin. But Elizabeth stands firm, demanding that all weapons must stay outside. After some heated arguing, he complies.

As you can imagine, there is tension and hard feelings in the cabin. No one trusts each other, even though they've made an agreement that the cabin is neutral ground.

Jimmy: I had a whole life planned until you guys invaded Poland.
Klosterman: Sorry for the inconvenience.

Nonetheless, they put their rations together for a Christmas eve meal.

Jimmy, finding a bundle of cookies in Marcus Müller's pack. "The mighty Wehrmacht marches on cookies?"

Klosterman: What will you do when we take away your pineapple pudding?
Jimmy: Ask for banana.

They even decorate a Christmas tree, while the 15 year old German soldier sings Silent Nacht.

There are so many funny scenes, along with serious and heated moments. The end of the movie is an "edge of your seat" moment.

I won't tell you what's going on here. You'll just have to watch and find out for yourself. Mwahaha. 

It's an excellent film and I highly recommend it! You can watch the entire thing for free on youtube. 

Have you ever seen Silent Night?



  1. Ooooh this sounds really good despite the minor inconveniances.. :D
    How have you been btw? I'll get your cover up soon, we've just gotten back from overseas.

    1. It's a great movie!

      I've been good, how about you? No worries about the cover. Whenever you get a chance would be great. =)

  2. Loved this! The tension in the cabin is so real. I cracked up with a lot of Jimmy Rassi's comments. He's so easy-going.

  3. I just say this one this year! Christmas and WWII. I enjoyed it.

    Just finished Resist. I'll try and get the review up this week, but next for sure. LOOOOOVED IT. SO. MUCH.

    1. You finished?! Yay!! Thank you so much!!! =)

  4. So, I just came across your books and your website, and saw these pictures in this post. I LOVE THIS MOVIE!!!! We saw it before Christmas and I loved it so much my sister got it for my as a Christmas gift and it is like my absolute FAVORITE!!! Jimmy is sooo hilarious, and the time when Sergeant Blank and Sergeant Muller are outside had us laughing so hard! And the ending!!!!!!! Oh, it's just such an amazing movie!
    Sorry, I just got really excited when I saw it on here since I don't know anyone else who has watched it. ;)