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Pinterest Storyboard Event

Elisabeth Grace Foley is hosting a super fun blog event where authors share their Pinterest storyboards with each other! I have quite a few boards, some public, some private so I've chosen seven to share with ya'll. Thanks for hosting this event, Elisabeth! Hop on over to The Second Sentence to link-up and check out other writers' boards.

I'm going to start out with the storyboard for my completed novel, Resist. This board is mostly comprised of actual photographs of Hans, Sophie, Alex, Willi, Christl, and other members of The White Rose resistance group. This board just made the story even more emotional to write because I would study the pictures of these real, brave students and see their faces every day as I wrote.

Follow Emily Ann's board STORYBOARD: RESIST on Pinterest.
One of my favorite boards is Ain't We Got Fun. It was so fun to write that story with Emily Chapman, and to have somewhere to share pictures of characters and scenes. We still pin new images to that board every once in a while. 
Follow Emily's board ain't we got fun on Pinterest.
 I also have a storyboard for is It Took a War. I didn't make it until after I had written that story, so there aren't a ton of images but you can still get a glimpse of what the characters look like.

Twenty-Eight Days is my WIP about the Warsaw ghetto uprising. The storyboard is pretty intense ... but then again, so is the story. I haven't worked on it in a few weeks, but I hope to get back to it sometime soon. I still have a ton of research to do.

  Another WIP that I've left abandoned is This is Worth Fighting For. It's a novella about four friends who are separated by WWII and promise to reunite after the war.

Broken Music is a story I started writing a few years ago, but never finished. I really want to get back to it one of these days. It's about a Jewish musician and his family during WWII.

The Smell of Ink is another abandoned novella. It's about the Newsie strike of 1899. I have a new idea for it that I want to try when I'm done with a few other things!

Bonus! Share your favorite storyboards of other authors. Hanne-col's board for her WWI novel, The Point of No Return, has me very intrigued. WWI seems to be an overlooked time in history, especially in fiction so I'm really excited about her story! Speaking of The Great War, Jenna Lynn is writing a WWI novel, Tethered, taking place in India! Super excited about that one, too. And Jack Lewis Balliot's board for Brothers-in-Arms is one of my favorites. I LOVE THAT BOOK.

Hop on over and link-up!


P.S. Today is my niece's 5th birthday! HAPPY BIRTHDAY CLARE BEAR!


  1. I love how you use so many real historical pictures to set the scene on your boards—I know I'll be coming back to browse them if I ever write anything set in the same times or places! I really can't decide which is my favorite. Except that perhaps the nicest one to live in would be Ain't We Got Fun. :)

    Thanks for linking up! I'm so glad you joined the party!

    1. Thanks, Elisabeth! I agree ... AWGF is really the only nice one to live in! Thank you for hosting this event! So fun!

  2. Oooh, Ain't We Got Fun is on my TBR list! Loved seeing some photo inspiration for it.

    And wow, all your WWII boards are fascinating. I've long been a student of that war, so I very much enjoyed perusing those.

    1. Thank you!! Glad you enjoyed looking through the storyboards! =)

  3. I hope to read your novel, Resist, when you get it published. :) I think it's such an important reminder that there were Germans who resisted, and died bravely believing in their cause.

    Going to add you to my blogroll. :)

    1. Thanks Melissa! I'll be publishing Resist in February of 2016. =) Yes, a lot of people don't realize that there were Germans who resisted.

      Thanks for commenting! I checked out your blog and your book looks so interesting! I definitely want to read it!

  4. Oh, Emily all of your boards make me extremely excited for all of your stories! And I have to second Elisabeth's thoughts, the use of so many historical photographs really does set the scene and create an atmosphere for your stories.

    And your RESIST board.... Excuse me, while I just sit over here and try to contain my excitement about RESIST's February release.