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Book Sale

I've been posting about the Read-to-Win challenge every so often, but I never explained the process of how you can enter for the $100 Amazon gift card. (And let me say, the odds of winning seems pretty good right now!) I'm finally sitting down to do just that. If you like reading and Amazon gift cards, you might want to stick around.

Every week, one of the authors participating in the Read-to-Win challenge will put their book on sale for $0.99. This week's book is It Took a War!

The Rules Via Homeschooled Authors:

~ The review must be from the list of books participating in the Read-to-Win Challenge.

~ Reviews must be verified purchases.

~ Reviews have at least 100 words of personal opinions on the book.

~ They should NOT be mean spirited. If you do not like a book, that is fine as we do not require the review to be positive, but personal attacks on the author or unnecessary harshness could possibly disqualify you.

~ The review needs to be posted between June 1-August 31, 2015.

~ The links you submit should be directly to your review.

And that’s it! Hop on over and enter HERE! Happy reading and reviewing!



  1. Well, I've already got 'It Took A War', and I've already got some good things to say about it too, so I just might do that! Thanks for the reminder, and explaining it all (because who wouldn't enjoy $100 to spend on Amazon)! :)

    1. Thank you so much, Jessica!! I know! $100 to spend on Amazon?! That's just the best thing ever!