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Vlogs, Writing, and WWII

Goodness, last week was exciting, busy, and full of celebrating! It's a wonderful feeling to have Ain't We Got Fun out into the world at last! This week has been on the busy side and I've been meaning to blog but never got around to it. But I'm here now with a cup of coffee in my hands, which I seriously just spilled all over my white shirt. Today's going to be a great day, I can already tell. =)

Writing wise, I've been plugging away at rewriting Resist. It's totally normal to have a crush on your main character, right? Hans ... he's pretty great.

But in all seriousness, this novel (which is based on a true story) parallels so many things happening in our world now. It's incredibly frighting to see how history does repeat itself.

"Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it."

-George Santayana

These real life characters I'm writing about encourage me so much with their integrity, morality, and courage. I'm eager to share this story with you all someday!

Also writing wise, I've been mulling over a possible Sleeping Beauty retelling for the Rooglewood writing contest. I've only seen the Disney version, so I looked up the original story ... fairy tales creep me out. In part two of the Sleeping Beauty story, the mother-in-law wants to eat Briar Rose and her two children. Whhhhy?! Perhaps that's why retellings are needed. The original story has some issues involving cannibalism. On that note, anyone else going to enter the contest?!

I recently finished reading Women Heroes of WWII. I LOVED IT. It was the perfect sized book filled with 26 stories of espionage, sabotage, resistance, and rescue. It was broken up into 8 parts: Germany, Poland, France, Netherlands, Belgium, Denmark, Great Britain, and United States. Each section had an introduction about that country's part in the war, which I found so fascinating. And the courage of those women is incredible! Some of them I had already heard about, but there were quite a few I'd never heard of. The author, Kathryn J. Atwood, has written another book on women heroes of WWI that I'm eager to read! But I should probably wait ... it may cause me to write a WWI novel, and I'm not ready to dive into another project. =)

Speaking of WWII, my family got a trial on Netflix, and so I've been watching a few WWII documentaries. I recently watched the first episode of Nuremberg: Nazis on Trial, a topic that has always fascinated me. I haven't watched the other two episodes, but once I get the time, I definitely will. The first episode was SO well done.

I also watched Bugging Hitler's Soldiers. That was incredibly disturbing yet really, really interesting. It's about German POW's in Britain. They're actually imprisoned in very nice homes. Why? To make them feel at ease which will cause them to talk. The homes are bugged with microphones. In the basements and attics of these estates, the British are listening in on the German's conversations. The entire documentary (which is all acted out ... not boring in the least) doesn't have any fictional dialogue. Everything the Germans say in that documentary is true ... which is why it's so disturbing. I mean, we all know about the atrocities the Nazi committed, but hearing their matter of fact talk about the mass killings and everything ... it's disgusting. But this film was very well done.

In other news, I'm totally NOT a vlogger, but I signed up to be one of the authors involved in the Read-to-Win challenge over at Homeschooled Authors. You'll get to learn more about us authors throughout the summer, from video tours of our writing desks to videos of us explaining why we write, the best writing advice we've ever received and much more! This week is author introductions! I'm one of the authors in the video below.

At my first attempt at making this video I was like, "WHY DID I SIGN UP FOR THIS?" because I'm not really into vlogging. But I just made my third video yesterday and sent it in, and vlogging is getting a bit easier ... but it's still not my favorite pastime.

Anyway, you readers have a chance to win a $100 Amazon gift card by reviewing our books! Each week one of the authors participating will put their ebook on sale for 99 cents.  Here's the lineup:

Kelsey Bryant: Family Reunion (this week)
Julia Erickson: Ashburn
Ashley Elizabeth Blair Tetzlaff: An Easter Carol
Amber Schamel: The Healer's Touch

Katie Daniels: Supervillian Series
Kendra E. Ardnek: The Ankulen
Faith Blum: Amazing Grace
Emily Ann Putzke: It Took a War
J. Grace Pennington: Machiavellian
Jessica Greyson: Captive of Raven Castle
Morgan Huneke: Creighton Hill
Jason McIntire: The Sparrow Found a House

Hop on over to Homeschooled Authors to watch the other introduction videos, and review a book! Just think what you could buy with $100 on Amazon ... BOOKS and MORE BOOKS!

Oh, and if you need a good laugh today, head over to my older sister, Jamie's, blog, The Art of Making a Home.

4 year old niece, Clare: Ava, let's pretend I'm allergic to oxygen.
5 year old niece, Ava: Clare, that's impossible. How about carbon dioxide?

How are your writing projects going? Are you entering the Sleeping Beauty contest?



  1. I, too, was surprised to read part two of Sleeping Beauty. Yikes!
    But you will notice that the Grimm version doesn't have part two. It ends with everybody waking up and living happily ever after. That seems a little easier to me.
    At first, I was a bit "stumped" on how to retell this story. But ideas are starting to come to me now, and I'm getting excited.
    Rooglewood aside, this whole post was full of fascinating things. I love hearing about the historical discoveries you are making on a daily basis, as well as your current projects. Keep up the good work!

    1. Yes, at least the Grimm version ends well!! Thank you so much for commenting! I'm glad you enjoyed this post!

  2. I watched ten minutes of Debugging Hitler's soldiers. I'll have to finish it with my little brother later. You need to make a list somewhere on your blog of films that get history right.

    1. There's a book about bugging Hitler's soldiers, and the author is featured in the film ... I haven't read it yet, but it's on my to-read list. It's called, The M Room by Helen Fry.

      That's a great idea about the films! Maybe I'll do that! =)