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Day 4 | A Package of Books + An Interview

Guess what came to my doorstep yesterday? (Well, not doorstep. The UPS guy still thinks we have a dog and he leaves packages a few feet away from the door.) 10 beautiful copies of Ain't We Got Fun! When Emily and I started the publishing process, we agreed that although kindle is really nice, we for sure wanted AWGF in paperback. There's just something about holding a real book, flipping through the pages, and setting it on your book shelf ...

I'm head over heels for the spine!!

Once you have a copy of Ain't We Got Fun (in paperback or kindle) send us a picture! We love seeing our readers with our book!

It's day four of the AWGF blog tour, and today Libby from The Whispering Cottage interviewed Emily Chapman and I! Hop on over to learn random facts about us, learn how we published a book, and find out how we get our creative juices flowing. Here's a little sample of the interview:

10. Give us a little taste of what we can expect when reading AWGF, as well as what you hope readers will take away after reading the book.

E.C. : You can expect laughter (I busted out laughing many times while reading Emily Ann's portion), and you can expect sorrow; you can expect over-the-moon giddiness, and you can expect to become very good friends with the cast of characters. I hope readers will leave the book with a smile on their face. I hope they will see that, though there is pain and hardship, there are also fairy tales in this beautiful, ordinary world. It's all in how you look at things.

E.A.P : You can expect to get a glimpse of the Great Depression through the eyes of two very different characters. They both go through hard times, good times, crazy times, and sad times and react to it differently. Our hope is that readers will be inspired to find beauty and joy in spite of difficult situations. We also hope that readers will allow God to write their life story, because as Gi finds out, none of us can do it on our own.

This tour has been so much fun, and I'm incredibly grateful for all the bloggers who interviewed Emily and I, hosted us on their blogs, and wrote book reviews. Virtual coffee and hugs all around! And guess what? Tomorrow is the final day of the tour, which means it's also the last day to enter the giveaway. So definitely go do that. 

(Only Open to People in the U.S.)

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Until tomorrow! =)



  1. This is so exciting! I have always dreamed of publishing a book of my own and co-authoring one with a friend! The cover of Ain't We Got Fun is gorgeous!!!! Right now I am in the process of getting our blog up and running. :-D It will be written by myself, my sister and a very dear friend of ours. I just recently found y'all's blogs and am really enjoying them!
    Blessing In Christ,
    Sarah Leana

    ~A Mighty Flame~

    1. Thank you much, Sarah! Best wishes on your writing and blogging!!

  2. So glad I got to find out about your lovely story through this blog!!! I will definitely be purchasing AWGF in the near future(after the giveaway of course!!) Keep up the awesome writing :) <3

  3. Congrats on your book!!! It was so exciting to find out about it through your lovely blog. I enjoyed every installment! Keep up the awesome writing!!!
    Jenna Lynn

    1. Thank you, Jenna!! You're so sweet! I'm so glad you enjoyed AWGF!!

  4. It must be an amazing feeling to see your own book, like in real life! It's sad to hear that the blog tour is ending soon too - it's been fun hearing more about Ain't We Got Fun, and reading your interviews and guest posts. :)
    Just a suggestion, (and I am by no means suggesting this for my benefit because I read AWGF on your blogs in January), but perhaps you could giveaway a kindle copy of AWGF for us international readers.

    1. It is SO awesome see AWGF in paperback!! I love it!

      That's a wonderful idea about the kindle giveaway!! Emily and I are going to do that. Thanks for the suggestion!