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Day 2 | AWGF Reviews

       As I'm writing this, I'm being very Gi-like and drinking a large mug of coffee and trying to embrace my messy, curly hair. Although Gi and I both have our coffee and crazy hair, we're looking at two different scenes outside our windows. That black and white photograph is what Gi sees while peeking out her window in NYC. Me? It's overcast, but I see mountains and more mountains. I'm definitely not a city girl. Gi and I are so drastically different in many ways ... I'm an introvert, Gi's an extrovert. Gi takes off to NYC on her own, I'm a homebody. And yet, I found her extremely easy to write. I think it's because I have two very extroverted sisters. =) 
   Well, I stayed up really late last night watching When Calls the Heart, and reading about Women Heroes of WWII, so my grand plans of waking up early and writing this post didn't happen. Sorry guys, but I had to find out if Hortense Daman, the Belgian partisan courier, survived the war. (She did.) Anyway, it's day two of AWGF's blog tour! There are two brand new reviews out there this morning!

"I was quickly caught up into the lives of sisters Bess and Gi Rowland and wondering how their stories would turn out. Both girls learn over the course of the story, and while it is important to know that you still have fun in hard times it is also important to help each other out when things get rough. I felt very much invested in the characters and really would not mind finding out more of how their lives went (hint, hint)."

 -Hanne-col. Read the full review HERE.

"The authors' writing styles were distinguishable from each other's just enough to make it really seem like two sisters writing to each other, yet the story still had a nice flow. Also, it felt real! I was completely engrossed in the lives of these two girls living during the economic depression of the 30s. It felt like I was in crowded, loud New York with Gi one moment, drinking coffee, cleaning fishy dishes, and trying to avoid a certain journalist, and then back home on the farm with Bess, Donny, and Tom the next." 
- Reyna. Read the full review HERE.

Also, Emily Chapman guest posted on Jessica's blog, Apples of Gold.

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  1. Isn't that interesting about how we can write a personality that's completely opposite from our own? For some reason, I can write introverts just as well as extroverts. I find that crazy, because I'm a total extrovert, but I have no trouble getting into the mind of my introvert POVs. So odd.

    ...but yet, isn't writing in general.

    1. Yes! It's so interesting! I thought that I should have more trouble writing an extremely extroverted character, but it wasn't hard at all! Writing is definitely interesting! =)

  2. Just letting you know: I have posted now. Sorry for being late!

  3. I'm really getting excited for this book now!!!

  4. I really want to write a character who's personality is unlike mine. So far all my characters have been wimpy versions of me.
    I'd wondered if you two wrote two sides of the story! I really want to read it now.

    1. Thanks, Michaella! Yeah, I find it really fun to write a character who has a different personality than me. =)