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Ain't We Got Fun Blog Tour Plans

Via Pinterest
It's time to start brewing up an Ain't We Got Fun blog tour! Back in December, when I was planning the blog tour for It Took a War, I had no idea that 5 months later I'd be publishing another book with my bestest writing friend EVER. God's so awesome and full of surprises! =)

Ain't We Got Fun releases 2 weeks from today, Monday, May 25th. Emily and I are planning a blog tour from Monday, May 25th to Friday, May 29th. We have a really amazing giveaway planned to go along with tour. You're going to love it!!! We'll be announcing the winner on Saturday, May 30th.

We're looking for bloggers who'd be willing to host us on their blogs during the week of the tour. Sound like something you'd like to do? Check out the form below and we'll get back to you! If you're interested in being an advance reader (getting the kindle version for free in exchange for a review on your blog/Amazon/Goodreads) sign up quick! We're limiting the advance readers to only five people. If you read the series during January and would like to review it without the kindle version, we'd love to have you review it!!

Thank you all SO STINKIN' MUCH. If it weren't for you loyal blog readers, especially the ones who read and encouraged us during the AWGF blog series, this story wouldn't be in book form. And we totally mentioned you in the acknowledgements, you cool people, you. We love you all!

 Gi, Will, Bess, and Tom will be yours again soon!!



  1. This looks like so much fun! I can't wait to post about it.

  2. I cannot wait for the release!! I remembered that it was coming up the other day and started getting really excited! Only two more weeks!

    1. Thank you!!! We're so excited too!! I can't wait until the 25th!!! =)

  3. Just wanted to let you know that I nominated you for the Creative Blogger Award. No pressure to keep the tag going, I just wanted to recognize a few of my favorite blogs.

    Keep writing forever,