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"I Will Always Be Able to Catch You."

"It's perfect! But you know what this means, don't you?"
"This mean I have the upper hand when we play war."
Franz reached for a pillow. "I'm older, and taller. You'll never have the upper hand. I will always be able to catch you."
– Brothers-in-Arms


My Rating:

Overall Story - 5 out of 5 Stars

Age Level: Young adults and up. (PEOPLE DIE AND IT'S HEART WRENCHING!)

(There were quite a few misspellings/words missing but I didn't let that lower my rating since I was reading a proof copy.)

Ok, I'm just gonna steal a bunch of pins from Miss Baillot's Pinterest story board to assist in this review. Have I mentioned how much I love it when author's have storyboards?! Yeah. I like them.

This story takes place in Nazi Germany.  Japhet Buchanan and Franz Kappel are childhood friends who are as close as brothers. It never mattered that Japhet was Jewish. That is, until the world began to change. The world tells them they can't be friends.

Young Japhet....

Young Franz...

Franz is the short tempered one, and always stands up for Japhet when the boys from school begin taunting him over being a Jew. Franz comes home with black eyes and bloody noses for defending his brother. 

A few years later the boys decide to enter Berlin after disaster strikes at home. Their mission? To gather information that will help them get their families out of Germany. But going into Berlin during WWII was like walking into the lion's den.

Japhet always believed that Franz would be by his side, his big brother, always looking out for him. 

But then Franz joins the Nazis. Hurt and feeling betrayed, Japhet runs away and ends up joining the resistance. Within the resistance, we meet an array of fascinating characters. My favorite secondary character was the American pilot, Jimmy Rodgers. Jimmy has his own troubles that he's trying to face, but he's the character who lightens up the mood. He and his co-pilot, Sam Winters, were shot down while flying a reconnaissance mission over Berlin. The resistance saved them, and hid them both in a basement while trying to get them out of Berlin alive. Jimmy's friend (who's like a brother to him) is Danny and he's a Tuskegee airman. I love how so many aspects of the war were intertwined into this book. 


Well, what's Cecilia say today?” he asked, not bothering to rise. “Can’t believe you two write each other every day. Doesn't it get boring? 'Dear Joseph, I went to town today and bought an egg. Then I boiled it and had breakfast.”  – Brothers-in-Arms

 "Why are they shooting at us? It is because Krauts shoot anything that moves and ask questions later?" – Brothers-in-Arms

"Wise guys?" Japhet asked. His voice cracked.
"Yeah, you know, not intelligent or anything. What do you call them? Dummkoffs?"
Something bubbled up in Japhet's throat and a small laugh came out, thought it didn't sound like a laugh. "Okay, if you want."
"Yeah, I want." – Brothers-in-Arms

The Wizard of Oz is mentioned throughout the book, each character representing someone from the movie. For instance:

Jimmy was Dorothy, pulled out of a world he had always known and thrown into one full of insanity. – Brothers-in-Arms

Then there are the characters that make you want to reach in and give them black eyes. Looking at you Stein, Carsten, and Seth. Jerks!!! 


Franz helps the Nazis catch the leader of the resistance...only, he doesn't know that the leader of the resistance is Japhet. AHHH! 

 "I will always be able to catch you."

If you're looking for a Christian WWII novel that rips your heart out, and has fantastic, diverse characters, then you're gonna want to read this. And it definitely needs to be turned into a movie. I can see it now!

To find out more about Miss Baillot and her books, check out her blog. She's been doing blog posts to introduce the characters of Brothers-in-Arms which you can find HERE.

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  1. Ooooh, I love WWII stories! Will definitely be checking this out. Great review!

    1. Awesome!! You'll definitely love this book!!

      Thanks for commenting!

  2. Thank you so much for the review! I think it is fantastic the whole thing is pretty much quotes. That made me grin.

    1. You're welcome!! Thank you for sharing your gift of writing with us!! =)

  3. Okay. This is going on my list of books to buy soon. Thank you for helping me spend my money, Emily.

    Great review, by the way--I really enjoyed it.


    1. I think you'll really like this book!! Thanks for stopping by!

  4. Oh wow. Now I really have to read it! Also, I had no idea it was written by Jack until it came up later in the post. I thought it was a random Jack. And of course, I still have to read It Took a War. :)

    1. Yes, you definitely should read Brothers-in-Arms!! So good!!

      Oh, I hope you enjoy It Took a War! =)

  5. My brother doesn't understand why my favorite books are the put-your-heart-through-the-wood-chipper kinds. But they are indeed my favorite. With what little synopsis you gave I was groaning.

    1. Ahhh I know what you mean!!! Those are the best kinds of books. And this is one of them!!

  6. Wow. That sounds absolutely horrific and painful and heartwrenching and I WANT IT NOW. Great review... I am really looking forward to getting my hands on a copy : )

    1. YES!! YOU MUST READ IT. =) Thanks for commenting, Susanna!!

  7. Oh, that last picture!!!! I just got this book from the library, and I already love it so much! I should give my mom warning that I'll be pretty much non-social today. ;)