"Orion's Belt is Missing Its Third Star."

               "Missing home?" Derrick teased as he joined her, leaning his elbows on the railing.
               "Maybe." She pointed up at something. "See? Orion's Belt is missing its third star."
                Derrick stood up straight and quickly found the constellation.  Orion–his old winter friend. He stared at it for a moment, then slanted a glance down at Brielle.
              A smile broke free as the wind tugged at her honey-toned hair. "Made you look."
             "How old are you, anyway? Five?" 
-How a Star Falls by Amber Stokes


My Rating:
Overall: 5 out of 5 stars.
Performance 4 out of 5 stars.
Story: 5 out of 5 stars.

Age Level: 12 and up.

How a Star Falls was the first work by Amber Stokes that I've had the privilege of enjoying. It was one of those things...you see that a blogger has written a book and you're like, "I need to read that!" But then you forget to actually buy it. Anyone else have this problem? Story of my life. Anyway, I'm a part of Amber's Street Team, which gave me to opportunity of receiving the audiobook of her novella, How a Star Falls!! For this review, I'm gonna use some of Amber's pins from her storyboard on Pinterest. I love when authors have storyboards. =)

Let's start out with the beautiful cover, shall we?

I usually only read historical fiction or historical non-fiction. I know...I need to branch out a little. I was happily surprised to realize that I do enjoy contemporary fiction when it's written right. Amber totally nailed it. =)

The story revolves around a twenty-four year old young man, Derrick. He's a really good and kind guy, but his life isn't what he imagined it to be. He works at a music store, has a jerk of a roommate, and feels that his family is trying to run his life. 

This wasn't what he signed up for when they shipped him off to college. What about all those charts that they showed high-schoolers? The ones that promised that people with college degrees made more money, had cooler jobs? He could be debt-free and working at the same job. No one had told him about the realities of being saddled with a mound of student loans.


Then he meets a girl named Brielle who claims to be a star...a star from the sky. He thinks she's crazy, but he can't just leave her all alone on the dark cliffs. He takes care of her, and that's when his world changes.

After a moment, she shrugged. "I'm a star."


Brielle helps him to view life in a different way.

"Don't you see? Success isn't just the hand that chops down the tree used to build the home. It's also the hand that feeds the man, or the smile that sustains him."

 I can't tell you all the sweet things that ensue, but here are a few hints:


 I was very impressed by Amber's writing. Her descriptions are wonderful! She's a master of describing the simple things like salty french fries, to the beauty of the pacific northwest.

Also, Owl City + the ocean + dancing = sweetness overload in one scene. 

The first lines of "If My Heart Was a House" by Owl City swelled as he placed one hand on the small of her back and caught her other hand. 

I also love that Amber wrote this story based on her home county. Her descriptions of Humboldt County were so dang good. Speaking of Amber, here's a bit about her!

Amber Stokes works as a content writer (marketing services) for a Christian publisher.
On the side, she self-publishes inspirational fiction depicting the seasons of life and
love. Her passion for books compelled her to earn a bachelor's degree in English and to
run her own freelance editing and publicity business for over a year. Happily, this new
chapter of her career takes place in the Pacific Northwest—a part of the world she's
always considered home. Learn more about Amber’s books at

You Can Also Find Her On:
Twitter: Blog:Website: Pinterest: Goodreads: Google +:

Buy The Audiobook:
Less than $7! (You can listen to a sample on the following sites, as well.)
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I really enjoyed listening to it as an audiobook. It's a nice length of 2 hours, which was a fun way to pass a car drive the other day. The narrator, Patrick Mahaney, did a nice job. He definitely was Derrick! 

Patrick Mahaney is a comedian, writer, and performer living in New York City. You can follow him on Twitter at @patrick_mahaney.

And guess what? Amber is giving away 3 audiobooks of How a Star Falls! 

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I'm looking forward to reading/listening to more of Amber Stokes' writings in the future!



  1. I actually haven't really listened to any audiobooks - ones that are such, at least. I've listened to parts of books off my Kindle, if that counts. =)

    1. I love listening to audiobooks on car trips and while cleaning! And yeah, the Kindle counts! =)

    2. I love that concept of Whispersync, where you can go between both the Kindle and audiobook formats! Although so far I generally tend to stick with one format or the other. ;)

  2. This sounds like such an interesting book! It kind of reminds me of the movie Stardust.

  3. Whoops....just realized I didn't actually answer the question. I'll try again ;) I LOVE audiobooks! I rarely have time to sit and read an actual book, but I spend a ton of time in the car for work, so I listen to audiobooks then.

    1. You'll love How a Star Falls! It's a great length for a car drive and the story is so sweet. =)

    2. Allison, I'm so glad the premise intrigues you! And yay for an audiobook fan! I think it's awesome that audiobooks provide a way for people to "read" even when they don't have time to sit down and pick up a book. You gotta love the opportunity to multitask. :)


  4. Emily, this post is SO fun and encouraging! I'm thrilled you enjoyed the audiobook. :D Thank you for taking the time to review it - and to check out the Pinterest storyboard! (I have such fun with those. :))

    1. Thank YOU for sharing your gift of writing with us, Amber!! Keep it up! =)