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Favorite Civil War Songs (V.1)

I have to laugh at myself when I think of the music on my ipod...Civil War music, Irish, Newsies, and even some German resistance songs. Totally normal, right?! =) I have a weakness for Civil War music. There's just SO MANY SONGS AND I WANT THEM ALL! Another weakness? I love Confederate songs. Even though I'm a Union reenactor and from NY, those southerners know how to create some epic songs. The hard part is finding a singer on iTunes who can do the song justice. They're usually old men with...ahem...pretty bad voices, opera singers (whhhaaat?) or both...at the same time. Horrible. So after searching and searching and listening and listening, here are a collection of my all time favorites. I could go on and on so maybe I should make this a series so you're not too overwhelmed with Civil War songs at one time!

Jim Taylor is easily my favorite Civil War singer. I really wish he had more Civil War albums.

 And this one...

Oh, and this one!
Also, Going Across the Mountain is awesome. I can't find a youtube video, but it's on spotify. 
Bobby Horton is also great and all his versions of Dixie are pretty grand. 
His Union Dixie is one of my favorites, but again, can't find it on youtube. You can listen to it HERE.

This is a favorite song of both mine and my sister's....it's fun to sing!
Another favorite is Oh Shenandoah. The best version of it can be found HERE. SO BEAUTIFUL AHHH!
The Battle Cry of Freedom. Both Southern and Northern versions are awesome!

Tenting Tonight. I actually own a different version of this song, but I really love this version as well!

 I just saved you the trouble of wading through terrible singers on Youtube and iTunes and wherever else you might be searching for Civil War songs. You're welcome.

Are you one of the few people out there who listen to Civil War era music for fun? If so, what are some of your favorite songs?


  1. I love listening to historical music. Thanks for compiling this! I am currently listening to The Battle of Pea Ridge and loving it. And you could always call it, you know, research? Actually I think music is a great way to get a feel for the emotions and sentiment of a time period. I wish there was more 14th century music on the internet, alas, tis a bit harder to come by.

    1. I'm so glad you enjoyed it, Susanna! Yay!! I looove Battle of Pea Ridge...so good. =) And I totally think of listening to historical music as research! It really immerses you in the time period, and as you say, you get a feel for the emotions and sentiment. Oh yeah, certain time periods are extremely hard to find music from! I completely understand. =)