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In Which I Have a Fangirl Moment

If you aren't a Newsie fan, you might want to stop here. This post is all about NEWSIES! For the rest of you who are sticking around, please allow me my first fangirl post. Thank you.

I saw the Broadway National Tour of Newsies in Baltimore back in December. I have to say, I loved the Broadway version more than the movie. And that's saying a lot because I love that movie. They changed the plot a bit in the Broadway version. It was for the good, in my opinion. It made the story stronger.

Probably all you Newsies fans will agree with me when I say, what's with Sarah in the movie? Jack and Sarah...just no. Sarah doesn't have a crucial role and is just kinda...there. I love how in the Broadway version they don't have a Sarah or a Denton. They have Katherine Plumber, the spunky reporter.

You got a name?


What’s the matter? Ain’t ya sure?

 She covers the story of the strike and starts to fall for Jack.

Write what you know
so they say, all I know is I don't know what to write
or the right way to write it.
This is big, lady, don't screw it up,
This is not some little vaudeville I'm reviewing.

Poor little kids versus rich greedy sour pusses
Ha! It's a cinch!
It could practically write itself--
And let's pray it does, cause as I may have mentioned,
I have no clue what I'm doing.

But then there's a plot twist...Katherine Plumber is Joseph Pulitzer's daughter! So Jack Kelly is falling in love with the daughter of his enemy. That's pretty interesting.

And if you weren't an heiress
And if your father wasn't after my head

But they're really friends backstage. 

In the Disney version, Jack's friends with Medda Larkin, but we never really find out how or why, other than she was friends with his father...we don't find out why he hangs around the theater. In the Broadway version, Jack paints all the backdrops for Medda Larkin's shows. Painting and sketching are his hobby. Jack in the Disney version didn't really have a hobby...I think he needed one.

The scene changes in the Broadway version were AMAZING. There was absolutely no dull moment on stage. Whenever Jack sang about Santa Fe, the background turned into the colors of the sunset. In "I Never Planned on You", Jack Kelly drew a picture of Katherine Plumber and it appeared on the screen as he was sketching it...the actor wasn't really sketching it, but you know what I mean. In "Brooklyn's Here", the screen showed the Brooklyn Bridge with the silhouettes of the Newsies behind it. I could go on and on. The sets were just the coolest EVER.


Before I Saw Newsies in Baltimore:

Seeing Newsies at the Hippodrome in Baltimore.
 (Insert squeal here!)


In no particular order, my favorite characters:

Jack Kelly - Dan DeLuca 

Crutchie - Zachary Sayle

Katherine Plumber - Stephanie Styles

Racetrack - Benjamin Cook
He sounded just like Racetrack from the Disney version!

Favorite Songs: ALL OF THEM.

A Bit of Newsie Humor: 

A Plethora of Newsie Pictures:

Spot Conlon...get it? Get it?! Hahaha

Favorite Newsie Videos:

Are you a Newsie fan? If so, you should definitely comment in uppercase letters letting me know. =)



  1. I'm a huge fan of musicals, but I haven't gotten into Newsies yet (I say yet because it looks like there's a lot of potential). I've seen stuff for it around, and actually danced a couple pieces from it back in ballet class a few years ago, but this musical and I hadn't really been officially introduced before. ;) I've always thought it looked like something I would love, but haven't gotten around to researching it or anything. After seeing all your stuff on Pinterest, though, I'm even more interested! Are there any YouTube videos you can recommend to get me started? Thanks!!!!!

    1. Thanks for commenting, Reyna! I love recruiting people to become Newsies fans! The movie is really good so if you haven't seen it, you could start there. =) As far as YouTube videos, you can watch the entire Broadway version (low quality but still...the Broadway version is my favorite) so here' s that link - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZlXBcMVEu90

      Also, these videos:

  2. I'll admit I had heard of Newsies but had never looked further into it as it hasn't come to Australia.. YET.
    But after reading this post

    1. NEWSIES IS THE BEST!!! If it comes to Australia, you should definitely go see it!

    2. YES!! IT LOOKS IT! :D
      Indeed! *opens new tab and types Newsies Australia*

      It's possibly coming!!!!!!!!!!

    4. NO WAY!!! That's AWESOME!!! I hope you can see it!!! =)

  3. I loved this post! I watched the movies and really loved the songs and the story, however I thought the romance was just a bit weak and kinda brought the quality of the film down (sorry!). This version sounds SO MUCH BETTER. And suddenly I am kinda desperate to see it for myself.

    1. Yes, I completely agree that the weak romance brought the quality of the film down...Sarah's role just didn't make sense. The Broadway version is my favorite!!! I want to see it a million more times. SO GOOD!!!

  4. Newsies! You're so lucky. My family was going to watch this when we went to visit New York City in 2012, but we watched Peter and the Starcatchers instead. However, I have listened to the songs and they are just awesome! I want to see this so bad, in person!

    xoxo Morning

    1. The music is awesome in Newsies, I agree!!! I've never heard of Peter and the Starcatchers. What's it about? Is it a good show?

  5. Great post! I LOVE Newsies. I watched and loved the movie first, but then I became addicted to the Broadway soundtrack :) That's so awesome that you got to see the show! And I love all the funny pics you included.

    1. YES! The Broadway soundtrack is SO GOOD!! =) I'm so excited that you're a fellow Newsies fan! =)

  6. Love,love,looooove the newsies. My friend got to see the broadway cast when they came to town. I was sadly away...;( but the guy who plays Jack Kelly grew up somewhat close by! :)

    1. Yay for fellow Newsies fans!!! That's so cool that the guy who plays Jack Kelly grew up near you!!

  7. Newsies!!! I love Newsies so much, I've listened to the soundtrack more times than I'd like to admit, and I dream of one day seeing it all on Broadway someday. Great post. It satisfied this fangirl's heart. :)

    1. I'm so glad you enjoyed this! It's so fun to find other Newsie fans! =)