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Ain't We Got Fun Extras | Help From You!

Well, it's time for Ain't We Got Fun weekend extras once again! This weekend, we're asking for help from you, the readers! Next weekend, Emily Chapman and I will be posting vlogs answering any questions you might have about our story...questions about our characters, what we plan to do with the story, how many emails were sent back and forth in all caps, how many cups of coffee we consumed while writing our letters...=)

I'm sure you'll all come up with some great questions that we'll do our best to answer in next weekend's vlog! You can post them either in a comment, on Emily's blog, or you can email me at authoremilyannputzke(at)gmail(dot)com. Ask away!



  1. How long will this story be? (It could go on forever, in my opinion... :D)

  2. Will you do another story or a sequel to this one once January is over?

  3. My question is, when this story ends, will you do another one? I love the letter-writing style, and the suspense of having to wait for tomorrow's letter!

  4. Ooooooooooh Questions.. :D
    What was the funnest bit to write?
    Would you consider doing another

  5. How much of a collaborative effort was it? Did you always both agree on whatever was coming next in the plot, or did you spring surprises on each other?