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Ain't We Got Fun Extras | A Vlog + Announcement

A list of exciting things:

1. ANOTHER NEPHEW WAS BORN THIS MORNING!!!! I got to see him at the hospital this afternoon and I can't even handle his adorableness. Right after I post this I'm off to edit the hundreds of pictures of him. AHHH!! BABIES ARE THE BEST!!! Stay tuned. =)


3. Watch the vlog to find out the third exciting thing!!!! I FEEL LIKE WRITING IN ALL CAPS TODAY!

Oh, and if you're in the vlog watching mood, you can watch this vlog Emily Chapman and I made over a year ago when we met! We've been blogging friends for a few years but in the summer of 2013 we got to actually meet! We need to meet up again. Until then, phone calls and facetime. =)

Em posted her awesome vlog on her blog (say that ten times fast) so you should go watch it. =)


Ain't We Got Fun Extras | Help From You!

Well, it's time for Ain't We Got Fun weekend extras once again! This weekend, we're asking for help from you, the readers! Next weekend, Emily Chapman and I will be posting vlogs answering any questions you might have about our story...questions about our characters, what we plan to do with the story, how many emails were sent back and forth in all caps, how many cups of coffee we consumed while writing our letters...=)

I'm sure you'll all come up with some great questions that we'll do our best to answer in next weekend's vlog! You can post them either in a comment, on Emily's blog, or you can email me at authoremilyannputzke(at)gmail(dot)com. Ask away!


Ain't We Got Fun Extras | Bess

I'm so excited to share this weekend's Ain't We Got Fun extra! We've already covered the song+pictures that inspired our letters, and pictures of me as Gi. Well, today you get to see pictures of the adorable Emily Chapman as her character, Bess!! Both Emily and Bess are the epitome of sweetness. =) 

Ain't We Got Fun Extras | Me as Gi

I mentioned last weekend that Emily Chapman and I were starting weekend extras to go along with the Ain't We Got Fun letters! Last weekend we posted the song/pictures that inspired the series. This weekend you get to see pictures of me looking like Gi. Next weekend, we'll be posting pictures of Emily Chapman as Bess! 

Many thanks to my sister for taking these pictures! It was a miracle kind of day when we took them. It was sunny and warm (40ish degrees OH YEAH!). Too bad it's in the single digits and we're buried in snow now. Ah, well. At least we got the pictures.

Song + Pictures That Inspired AIN'T WE GOT FUN

Emily Chapman and I have been brainstorming ways to bring our letters more alive for you readers! Every weekend during the month of January we'll be posting something extra along with the letters. Today I'm sharing the song and pictures that inspired our story.

Today Emily posted the 3rd letter of Ain't We Got Fun. I'll be back tomorrow with the 4th. =)