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Winner + Desk Tour

Rafflecopter has chosen a winner! The winner of the Civil War Christmas bundle goes to...

Alyssa Faith!

Congratulations, Alyssa!! I'll be emailing you shortly!

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Thank you all so much for helping out and supporting It Took a War's release!! You guys made the book tour so fun!

I've been cleaning up my writing desk so that I can work on my next book. I made an inspiration collage on the wall, organized my research books, and dusted. It's a big day when I actually dust off my desk. =)

I keep my research books from the library in this crate. The binders to the left are my research binders for writing projects.

 My niece drew this picture. I wrote my nieces a story about The Pumpkin Patch Princess and they did the artwork.  It kept them busy for over an hour! This one was an extra illustration so it's now on my writing wall! It makes me smile. =)

My next book is about a German resistance group during WWII called, The White Rose. Hans and Sophie Scholl, who with other university students and their professor, wrote and distributed anti-Nazi leaflets. They were caught and sentenced to death. Their courage for standing up for truth and their faith in God really inspires me. I want to share their story. The title as of now is Resist, but that's subject to change. Here's my inspiration wall...

In other news, if you'd like to buy an autographed copy of It Took a War, you can do so below. 

It's also available on kindle and paperback on Amazon. 

Once you get your copy, take a picture of yourself with it and email it to me at authoremilyannputzke(at)gmail(dot)com. I'm planning a blog post with pictures of people with my book. =)

Thank you again for supporting my book! Have a very merry Christmas, friends!!


  1. Your next novel looks so interesting. I am curious, as a fellow writer and believer, how did you find out about their story?

    1. I read a historical fiction about the French resistance during WWII which led me into researching more about resistance movements all over Europe. I then looked on Pinterest for things about the resistance movement in Nazi Germany. That's where I found out about Sophie and Hans Scholl. Their story fascinated me, so I got all the books about them I could get my hands on! There's a movie about them called, "Sophie Scholl: The Final Days." I highly recommended it! Thanks for commenting!

  2. I envy you your desk setup! It's lovely!

    1. Aww thank you! It looks better than it did yesterday...I actually cleaned it, so that's amazing. =) hahaha