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November Favorites

I'm stealing this post idea from my sister. It just sounds like fun to write a post about my favorite things after a full day of getting It Took a War ready for the world! 
Did you guys see this Christmas ad?! I don't even know what a Sainsbury is (at first I thought it was chocolate but I think it's like a Wal-Mart in the UK or something?), but this video of the Christmas truce during WWI is incredible...and also strange that the soldiers could go from killing each other, to celebrating Christmas, then killing each other again. 
Anyway, I love this video. And I want to learn German. 

This. I like it. =)


A friend of the family (who's like a grandma to me) let me borrow her ration card from WWII! 


This book made me cry. And it opened me up to a part of WWII I didn't know very much about. I'm researching the German resistance now, and hoping to write a novel about it. 

While we're talking about the German resistance, everyone go watch this movie. Just watched it last night and I'm ready to watch it again.
You might laugh at the songs I've been listening to all week. Oh, well. Here's a sample:
Battle Cry of Freedom (Confederate version) - Bobby Horton
Die Gedanken sind frei - Pete Seeger
The Southern Wagon - Derek Warfield
Santa Fe - Newsies Broadway
Johnny Has Gone for a Soldier - Dark River: Songs of the Civil War Era
So, my mind has been all over history this week – Civil War, WWI, WWII...ahh the life of a history 
What are your November favorites?


  1. I watched that Sainsbury Christmas ad the other day; words cannot describe how much I love it. (I also thought Sainsbury was chocolate . . . I guess not?)

    And that Resistance Movement movie. I think I need to watch it. Even though it will probably shred my soul.

    1. Ahh I love the ad!! Yeah, I looked it up and it says Sainsbury is a supermarket chain. Who knew?! =)

      YES! WATCH IT. It's so beautiful and sad and powerful.

  2. It seems we have more in common, Emily! WWII is my second favorite era--particularly the European front. I can't wait to Spotify those songs!

    1. Oh my goodness! That's awesome! We really are kindred spirits!! =)

      Probably 3/4 the music on my ipod is Civil War music. So if you ever need 1860's era music recommendations, let me know! =)

  3. Hopping from period to period quite a bit there! I sent you an email with a resource dump about WWII. Hans and Sophie Scholl are incredible, I'm so excited that you are getting to dive into their story.

    1. Thank you SO MUCH, Susanna!!! I really appreciate it! =)

  4. Oh man, I *love* Sainsbury's ad. It's like War Horse packed into 3.5 minutes. (minus the horse...)

    Great post, Emily!

    1. YES!! Ahh I love the Sainsbury ad, too...and War Horse. So good. =) Thanks for commenting, Hannah!