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Goodreads and Proof Copy and Publishing Name, Oh My!

Books News!!

It Took a War is officially on Goodreads. I'd so appreciate it if you'd hop over and add it to your bookshelf. =)

I ordered a proof copy of It Took a War today!! I cannot possibly wait to hold it in my hands!

My publishing name is called The White Rose Press. I came across this name after reading about a German resistance group during WWII called, The White Rose. Hans and Sophie Scholl, who with other university students and their professor, wrote and distributed anti-Nazi leaflets. They were caught and sentenced to death. Their courage for standing up for truth, and their faith in God really inspires me. So, that's how The White Rose Press came to be!

Things are starting to come together for this book launch. Now I just need to work on the book tour blog posts...=)

I hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving tomorrow!  I'm hanging out with these adorable Pilgrims and Indians....it'll be quite the Thanksgiving. =)



  1. LOVE the logo, and the story behind the name!! ^.^

  2. YES! I wish I could spend a few years of my life on a Hans and Sophie Scholl awareness tour : ) In other words, I love the name and logo. GREAT JOB!

    1. Thanks so much, Susanna!! Yes! A Hans and Sophie Scholl awareness tour....I like that. =)

  3. Eeep! I was hoping your book would get a goodreads page! *adds to to-read shelf*

    Also, great publishing name. I love how it has a story behind it.

  4. Love it! =D Congrats again, my friend! Have a blessed Thanksgiving!

  5. Congratulations on a wonderful accomplishment. Looks like you've got a good marketing strategist.