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"Fill Your Canteens Boys! Some of You Will Be in Hell Before Night and You'll Need Water!"

 In It Took a War, my main character trains at Camp Curtin in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. Last week, I had the opportunity to see one of the monuments for the camp! It was little hard to believe that there was 80 acres of land here for training soldiers when you're in the middle of a city with cars blasting  music all around. But it was still exciting to see where part of the camp actually was!

Joe tried to remember everything the Captain was yelling, but when his memory failed him, he glanced at the men next to him and copied their movements of heels together, toes apart and ‘sucking in of the gut’. -IT TOOK A WAR

While we were in Harrisburg, we stopped at the National Civil War Museum! We only had about an hour to look around before it closed, so I'd love to go back through it again and soak up more information!

Robert E. Lee's gauntlets. Like, Robert E. Lee actually wore these. I KNOW. 

A hat found after the battle of Gettysburg...

This Springfield rifle was found near the Peach Orchard at Gettysburg. After the battle, 27,000 discarded rifles were picked up on the field and sent to the Washington arsenal. 

This canteen was found near Plum Run in Gettysburg. 

This map of the third day of battle of Gettysburg was drawn by General George Pickett. 

This U.S. belt plate was found on the "Picket's Charge" field in 1955.

This fragment of a flag, dark blue bunting with a single star, was captured on the Confederate retreat by members of the 18th PA Calvary.

This revolver was found near the "high water mark" at Picket's Charge. 

A lock of hair belonging to General George Pickett. 

Guess who this huge trunk belonged to? 

 This flank marker flag was carried by Sergeant John P. Welch of Company E, 104th New York infantry at Gettysburg. On the first day of the battle, the flag was in danger of beging captured. Moments before he was captured, Sergeant Welch hid the flag in his coat sleeve. While a prisoner in Richmond he was able to sew the flag into the lining of his coat and upon his release, carried the flag back to New York.

Prisoner Art
c. 1864
This wooden spine was created by an unknown prisoner. Carving indivual fins and snapping them together he was able to form the sctruture and occupy his time.

Prisoner Diary
This diary belonged to Sergeant Ellis of Company D, 12th Mississippi. Sergeant Ellis was killed in action at Spotsylvania Court House on May 12th, 1864. The diary was picked up by Private Hacker of Company H, 183rd Pennsylvania. Private Hacker was captured on May 19th and sent to Andersonville prison. During his time in the stockade he wrote about the horrors of the camp. His last entry was Setptember 18th, 1864. Hacker survived the war.

If you're ever in Harrisburg, you should definitely stop at the National Civil War Museum!



  1. This is all just too cool. I'd love to go there someday! But thanks to your pics and descriptions, I almost feel like I have! :)

    (btw, I practically fangirled over Robert E. Lee's gauntlets. #historygeekproblems)

    1. It's a really neat museum!! Hahaha! I love that you're fangirling over Robert E. Lee's gauntlets and to know another history geek!! Thankfully there wasn't anyone around me when I found out they were Robert E. Lee's gauntlets. I was taking pictures like a maniac. =)

  2. That is SO cool! I hope I can visit there one day. Civil War museums are super fascinating!

    1. I agree...Civil War museums are fascinating! Thanks for commenting, Jameson!

  3. I totally second all of Hannah's comment. x) I'm glad I'm not the only one with a little sister almost as tall as me... O.o And also, you're adorable.

    1. Thank you, Em!! I know!! Isn't it crazy having your little sister almost as tall as you?! It's not right. =) haha

  4. You got to SEE CAMP CURTIN?! *cough* Ahem. {Seriously--I squealed.} How terribly exciting, Emily! Awesome pictures and I am SO glad I got to see them and hear about your amazing time. We need to meet up in Gettysburg one day!

    1. Thanks, Meghan!!! =) I was rather excited to see where the camp used to be!! Yes, we should meet up in Gettysburg one day! =)