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5 Year Old Ava's Book Cover Reveal Date

My five year old niece, Ava, wrote a book today. She then informed me that she wanted to do a video for the cover reveal date like she and Clare did with It Took a War yesterday. So without further ado, Ava's cover reveal date video. =)

Let's pretend it's Wednesday at midnight noon and see her book cover!

We have another writer in the family!


Cover Reveal Date for IT TOOK A WAR Starring Ava and Clare

In this video, my nieces announce the cover release date for my book It Took a War. 
Thanks Ava and Clare! Love you girls!

Check back here on Saturday, November 1st to see the book cover!


Writing Updates

It Took a War is currently in it's last stages of edits (woot woot!). My first editor was my mom who polished it up and helped me have confidence in it. Then, my awesome sister-in-law (who has a degree in English, so that works out splendidly!) helped me with grammar. I seriously think she should start her own editing service! Another editor is my friend, Emily Chapman who just got my manuscript in the mail today! She sent me a picture of it so I know the book made it safe and sound. She's awesome at catching things I never would have noticed. =) Also, my amazing friend, Michaela, is checking for historical accuracy. She's the master of Civil War history. I have such a wonderful group of editors. Thank you awesome people!!!

Rachel Rossano is making a beautiful cover!! I'll be sure to let you all know when the cover reveal will be! I seriously cannot wait to share it!! If you're interested in being apart of the cover reveal, send me an email at
authoremilyannputzke AT gmail DOT com

It Took a War isn't a very long book. It would be considered a novella since it's under 50,000 words.
That's partially why I'm self-publishing. It's very hard to find agents/publishing houses that will publish books under 50,000 words. So I guess I'm not a novelist, I'm a novellaist. That's a mouthful. 

Release Date:
Tentatively set for December 1st, 2014. LESS THAN 2 MONTHS! =) 

Working On:
A study guide for It Took a War.
Also, starting to formulate ideas/gathering things for an awesome prize bundle for the release day of my book! Here I am with a mysterious paper bag which holds one of the items....=)

Next Book:
I'm nearing 17,000 words into my new novella about the newsboys strike of 1899 in New York City, entitled The Smell of Ink  (I'll probably end up changing the name. I just needed something other than untitled document.)  I'm really excited about it! If all goes well, I'd love to publish it in the summer 2015, but no promises! Check out the Pinterest board for it HERE. 

God is definitely teaching me patience through this publishing process. That's a good thing. I need a dose of that.

How are your writing projects coming along?