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On Site Research for It Took a War

Back in February I was in the thick of research for It Took a War. I had the opportunity to do a bit of on site research in Gettysburg! Meghan's posts on her research trip to Gettysburg made me remember that I never posted about mine! Better late than never, right?

In It Took a War, Joe fights with the 11th Pennsylvania Regiment. There's a monument in Gettysburg for all the PA regiments and I found the 11th PA plaque. I was super excited!

View from the top of the monument. 

Whenever we go to Gettysburg we always get a picture by Mr. Lincoln, the good ol' chap. =)

    Oak Ridge.

They marched into an open clearing called Oak Ridge where the Rebs were in clear view under the scorching sun. Bullets ripped through the air and the familiar stench of sulfur filled his nose. Joe tried to swallow but found, to his surprise, that he couldn't.
-It Took a War

The 11th PA monument.

The 11th PA's mascot was a dog named Sallie who went into battle with them. From what I hear, people leave dog treats on the monument in honor of her! 

Sallie marched alongside Joe, both dog and boy growing weary from the heat. Sallie’s long tongue hung out as she panted for air and Joe didn’t feel much better. It was hard to breathe in such oppressive heat and he longed for a good old Pennsylvania winter at the moment. He passed the time by thinking of snow and ice, sledding and chilly mornings. 
-It Took a War

Have you gone on any research trips for your book? I'd love to hear about them!



  1. Can I please just read this book NOW?? ;)

    Love this post!

    1. Aww thanks, Em!! YES! You'll be getting the book very soon! =)

  2. I've never been to Gettysburg, but it is one of the places I definitely want to see! The 1860s are fascinating time period.

    Loved the excerpts you included with the pictures!

  3. What a gorgeous trip it looked like! Oh how I loved this peek into It Took a War! =D Gettysburg is my favorite place on the entire earth, as you probably have guessed. What great pictures you have from your visit in winter! Loved seeing this different look to Gettysburg as I've only ever seen it in the summer months!

    1. Thank you, Meghan!! I loved seeing your pictures from Gettysburg over the summer!! And I agree with you...Gettysburg is one of my favorites places, too! =)