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Ten Things on Thursday

 Just finished reading Calling Extra. Guys, it was SO GOOD. I stayed up way too late finishing it, but it was worth it. I've been talking about this book all day!

I'm researching the newsies strike of 1899 which results in listening to Newsies songs all week. The soundtrack is just too good! Here's one of the songs my sister and I have been singing around the house...
I gotta be either dead or dreamin'
'Cause look at that pape with my face beamin'
Tomorrow they may wrap fishes in it
But I was a star for one whole minute!

This is my handsome brother and his beautiful wife! =) They've been married for a month already! Crazy!

Some goodies that came in the mail this week...

Last week I helped my mom teach the preschool class at our church's VBS. We had 10 preschoolers! Even though it was tiring, sometimes challenging (Have you ever tried herding cats? It's like that.) and a little boy peed on my lap, it was still rewarding and I love those kids!

I video chatted with my older sister and nephew earlier this week. I love to hear my nephew say, "Aunt En!"

This was from when I was babysitting my nieces, nephew and sister. The girls were perfect angels....=)

I seem to work better when I have a large cup of coffee next to me.

This is the 11th PA monument. (The regiment I wrote about in It Took a War). It's a now and then picture that I entered in the Civil War Trust photography contest. Look at those cool 11th PA guys a few decades after the war. =)

I spent Saturday at the lake skipping stones with my cousins. 



  1. AWWWW Emeric's face hahahahaha...I can't tell you how many times he randomly stops in the middle of the day and starts asking "Aunt En?? Aunt En??" He loves ya!!! (And...all the rest of us do to!! :)