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Ain't We Got Fun | A Story

My friend, Emily Chapman, and I have been thinking of writing a story together, letter style, for a while. We were going to mail the letters to each other and someday combine them, but it just never happened. But then Emily emailed me with a brilliant idea. She suggested posting our character letters on our blogs. After tons of emails back and forth filled with story ideas, excitement, and more excitement, we now present...

During the month of January we'll be alternating character letters on our blogs. On January 1st, Emily will post her character's letter on her blog and on January 2nd I'll post my letter here, etc.

The story follows two sisters, Georgiana (my character) and Bess (Emily's character) during the Great Depression.

Oh, and we even have a Pinterest board that you should definitely check out. 
Follow Emily Chapman's board ain't we got fun on Pinterest.

The story begins tomorrow, January 1st, 2015, over at Emily Chapman's blog. We hope you all enjoy it as much as we're enjoying writing it!


Winner + Desk Tour

Rafflecopter has chosen a winner! The winner of the Civil War Christmas bundle goes to...

Alyssa Faith!

Congratulations, Alyssa!! I'll be emailing you shortly!

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Thank you all so much for helping out and supporting It Took a War's release!! You guys made the book tour so fun!

I've been cleaning up my writing desk so that I can work on my next book. I made an inspiration collage on the wall, organized my research books, and dusted. It's a big day when I actually dust off my desk. =)

I keep my research books from the library in this crate. The binders to the left are my research binders for writing projects.

 My niece drew this picture. I wrote my nieces a story about The Pumpkin Patch Princess and they did the artwork.  It kept them busy for over an hour! This one was an extra illustration so it's now on my writing wall! It makes me smile. =)

My next book is about a German resistance group during WWII called, The White Rose. Hans and Sophie Scholl, who with other university students and their professor, wrote and distributed anti-Nazi leaflets. They were caught and sentenced to death. Their courage for standing up for truth and their faith in God really inspires me. I want to share their story. The title as of now is Resist, but that's subject to change. Here's my inspiration wall...

In other news, if you'd like to buy an autographed copy of It Took a War, you can do so below. 

It's also available on kindle and paperback on Amazon. 

Once you get your copy, take a picture of yourself with it and email it to me at authoremilyannputzke(at)gmail(dot)com. I'm planning a blog post with pictures of people with my book. =)

Thank you again for supporting my book! Have a very merry Christmas, friends!!

Review, Writing, and Reenactments | Day 5

I can't believe it's the last day the book tour already! That week went fast! Thank you all so much for making the book tour so wonderful! To wrap things up, Meghan reviewed It Took a War on her blog.  I'm also sharing how I got into writing on Beth's blog. =)

Today I thought I'd share a timeline of the Civil War reenactments I've participated in. I've only done a handful, but I'm hoping 2015 allows more time for that hobby!

My first time reenacting! No, I still haven't mastered the serious face thing.

June 2013 - 150th Gettysburg Reenactment
(Went with my mom, sisters, nieces and nephew for the day.)

August 2013 - Local Reenactment

 I hope I can add many more to this list soon!!

 If you missed any of the blogs I was hosted on this week, check them out below:





And don't forget that this is the last day to enter the giveaway! You can earn 5 extra entries by sharing about It Took a War's release. You can also earn 3 extra entries by pinning one of the It Took a War pinnables. I can't wait to see who wins!

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Dream Cast and a Study Guide | Day 4

I've learned a lot through this publishing and promoting process. Like, don't wait to write 8 blog tour posts the week of the blog tour. Coffee, you were my only friend this week. =)

Anyway, I have a fun lineup today! Do you want to see my dream cast if It Took a War was turned into a movie?! It's an epic cast, I must say. Check it out at The Pen of a Ready Writer.

I also created a study guide targeted for middle schoolers to go along with It Took a War! I'm posting about that over on my sister's blog, The Art of Making a Home.

I took a trip down memory lane this week. The book on the left I wrote when I was 9. The one on the right I wrote ten years later. I think I've come a long way, what do you think?? =)

Then there's the book I wrote when I was 12. My older siblings helped me get it bound for my parents as a Christmas gift 7 years ago!

And their reviews on the back are pretty priceless! haha!

As always, if you haven't entered the giveaway yet you can do so below. I'll announce the winner on Saturday!

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Now, go drink some hot chocolate and sing Christmas songs. It's an order.


Day Three of IT TOOK A WAR's Book Tour

Good morning all! It's day three of It Took a War's book tour! I'm showing up on two blogs today, so grab yourself a cup of coffee and enjoy!

I'm sharing the writing, editing, and publishing process of It Took a War on Susanna's blog, The Misadventures of a Globe Trotter in Training.

I'm also showing up on my Australian friend, Evie's, blog where I'm sharing bookish advice. Is bookish a word? Well, if not, you know what I mean. 

I just had to include a picture of the 11th Pennsylvania monument now and then. I wish I could go back in time and say, "GUYS! I WROTE A BOOK ABOUT YOUR REGIMENT AND IT'S ON AMAZON!" They'd look at me blankly and probably think of the amazon river.

You have a few more days to enter the giveaway if you haven't already! You can earn 5 entries every day by sharing about It Took a War's release. =)

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Have a wonderful Wednesday, friends!


An Interview + Exciting News

I am completely blown away by the support you all showered on It Took a War's release! Thank you all so much

Today, Hannah Mary  (Who lives in Ireland, is the coolest vlogger ever, and has the loveliest fictional feasts!) interviewed me on her blog, The Daisy Tree! She came up with some great questions like, What has been the biggest thing you've learned from this experience of writing and self-publishing? What advice would you give to other writers trying to do the same thing? and How did you come up with your book's title, and how did you come up with your characters' names? to name a few. Hop on over to her blog to check it out!

Also, I made this ad that's now on Go Teen Writers. If you'd like to add it to your blog sidebar, I'll give you a virtual high five!

Now for the exciting news....

 Yesterday I made a deal with a producer on Audiobook Creation Exchange. It Took a War will be turned into an audio book! YOU CAN LISTEN TO SOMEONE READ IT. WHAT?! Crazy, isn't it?! I'll be sharing more details soon! =)

And if you haven't entered the giveaway for a chance to win a Civil War Christmas bundle, enter below! 

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Thanks again for your support!! 


IT TOOK A WAR is Now Available!

I have a rather exciting announcement...

It's still sinking in that I'm officially an author now...that my dream has come true...that anyone can buy my book. What? Is this real life?! =)  

You can buy the paperback or kindle version through:

In celebration of Christmas and my book launch, I'm having a Civil War Christmas bundle giveaway!

Entries are only open to people in the U.S. I'm really sorry to all you wonderful people overseas (HannahEvie, and Beth!) but it would be too expensive to ship. Booo. 

The prize bundle includes...

(1) Autographed copy of It Took a War.

(1) Gettysburg Mug 

(1) Small Leather Journal

(3) Peppermint Sticks

(1) Peppermint Hot Chocolate Packet

I'll announce the winner on Saturday, December 20th, 2014.

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To further celebrate the book launch, there will be a blog book tour starting today and ending Friday, December 19th! Here's where I'll be showing up today:

At Entirely Bonkers, fellow author Emily Chapman reviews It Took a War, I share my research process on A Northern Belle, and Amber Stokes interviewed me on her blog, Seasons of Humility. 

Thank you all so much for your support! I hope you enjoy It Took a War!