Books of 2013

Well folks, it's that time of year again...time to count how many books I read in the past year. My goal was to read 30 books and I've read 15. I set the goal in February so I still have time, right?

Books of 2013:

1. Hatchet | Gary Paulsen (5 stars)
2. Anne of Avonlea | L.M. Montgomery (5 stars)
3. Anne of The Island | L.M. Montgomery (5 stars)
4. Time of Storm | Marianne Fisher (5 stars)
5. Journey to Nowhere | Mary Jane Auch (5 stars)
6. Wild Horse Spring | Lisa Williams Kline (5 stars)
7. Love, Chickens, and a Taste of Peculiar Cake | Joyce Magnin (5 stars)
8. The Shunning | Beverly Lewis (5 stars)
9. The Confession | Beverley Lewis (5 stars)
10. The Reckoning | Beverly Lewis (5 stars)
11. Whispers Down The Lane | Beverly Lewis (4 stars)
12. The Last Full Measure | Ann Rinaldi (2 stars)
13. Moccasin Trail | Eloise Jarvis McGraw (5 stars)
14. Ring of Secrets | Roseanna M. White (3 stars)
15. Cry of Hope | Emily Chapman (5 stars)
 (My sweet friend, Emily, let me be a beta reader for her novel! It's an amazing book!)

Currently Reading:

Anne of Windy Poplars | L.M. Montgomery 
The Hobbit | J.R.R. Tolkien
The "R" Father | Mark Hart

What did you read this year?



  1. Isn't Anne of the Island just beautiful?! That ending... :')

    Anyhow, I'd like to point out the fact that you actually read fifteen books. You forgot to put mine in there. It counts, doesn't it? Unless you're going for Published Only books, in which case it wouldn't count... Yet. ;)

  2. Oh, and you'll have to let me know if you like Anne of Windy Poplars or not. I stopped reading the series after Anne of the Island because the ending felt like a perfect ending to the series. And my mom said that once it hit Anne's House of Dreams, they started going downhill. :) oh and yay you're reading The Hobbit! Isn't it good?!

    1. I love the Anne books so much and that ending is beautiful!! I can't believe I forgot to add your book!! I'm going back and adding it right now! =) It was one of my favorites!

      I'm liking Anne of Windy Poplars so far and The Hobbit is awesome! There are so many good books to read!