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Civil War Weekend

Last weekend marked my official "I've been a Civil War reenactor for a year" anniversary. It doesn't seem that long ago that I was spilling punch on my dress at my first reenactment. I've outgrown silly things like that.(yeah...well...I'll just keep telling myself that.)

We had a lovely tea party with good friends, hot apple cider, lots of baked goods and way too many bees. 

There was a Civil War ball and my little sister was able to come and stay the night at camp. That was her first time staying over at a reenactment. A huge thanks to my mom who took most of the pictures below!

The lovely Michaela and Allison.

We were in a parade on Sunday...

We reenacted the 1863 Richmond Bread Riot. I had a hard time acting hungry and mad so I just ended up smiling through most of it. Oops.

Taking down camp. Bittersweet!

I would be smelling my Civil War dresses to soak in the campfire smell if I didn't have a cold right now. Maybe I'll just wait to wash them until my cold goes away. =)


  1. Em! I need to come see you and you can teach me how to reenact! How about next fall? :)

    Oh, and your dress is so pretty! Did you make it?

  2. P.s. Your blog design is gorgeous! LOVE IT!! :)

  3. I had such a wonderful time this weekend with you and the rest of the gang! So glad you and Haley were able to come. Absolutely lovely photography! Sorry about your cold :( Definitely don't wash your dress until after you get better, I haven't to some of mine :D

  4. oh, this is sooooooooooooooo lovely!!! I've never been to a Civil War reenactment {a couple of balls, yes}, and have only reenacted the Victorian time era. your stills are absolutely lovely and so full of life and perfectly portray the grand time that you had. ;) love reading these posts. xx

  5. Wow, Emily! That looks like lots of fun! I'm a history student and I love historical reenactments! Though, actually, I've never participated in one myself yet...hopefully I'll get the opportunity someday...
    Thanks for sharing those great photos :)
    God bless,
    Sarah from Australia